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The Tavern - Food, Laughter & Fist fights!

What do you think of Minions engaging in drunken brawls in the Tavern?

  • Yes - I think it would be a funny element in the game

    Votes: 17 100.0%
  • No - I'm past my glory days & wish my minions to be organized, calm & collected

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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WFTO Backer
May 16, 2013
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Many'a day have I spent trawling through bars and pubs, places with hearty servings of basic culinary cuisine, humble and fulfilling and whole heartily satisfying. Often I would see the beer flow and the cheer rise, sometimes cheer would lead to post drunken adventures and yet other times it may lead to happy fist fights..

Which brings me to my point; a small, humorous mechanic i'd love to see implemented in the game as something both requiring deft dungeon management and something to sit back and just watch with a smile as the eminent Underlord. Of course i'm talking about Tavern brawls!

Imagine if you will creatures feasting on the roasted flesh of the dungeons micropiglets, imagine them sharing a good laugh and cheer, imagine then the beverages flowing to the point that bad decisions are made and creatures become unruly, fist fighting with one another on the off chance to unconsciousness . I think it would be hilarious, especially for brooding creatures wishing to be left alone like the cultist or creatures that naturally don't mesh.

Another small feature that I would love to see is the aftermath, perhaps have a drunken minion stumble back to his lair drunkenly with the effect of having resistance to pain (damage) due to the alcohol but making he or she slower in attack patterns.

In conclusion what do you all think of my two suggestions for the tavern? Leave a comment and vote, would love to see your input!
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Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
even though this is a kinda funny idea, i think it would be annoying while trying to win a normal game ;)

just adding it for why not ;) misc section


WFTO Backer
Dec 15, 2012
I love this idea, I found it hilarious and disturbing that in the ending the Trolls were having a great party with booze and the Avatar was tied up in chains with knives being thrown at him and a reaper seemed to be socializing with them.

I guess everyone loves a good party and weapons/booze and monsters are bound to lead to a few cracked skulls.

As long as your minions who are knocked out in a fight do not die if Imps fail to take them to the lair I am cool with this idea.
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