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The Wilderness Portal

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Dec 14, 2012
Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
Name: Wilderness portal

Stats: 4x4

Buildability: No

Capturable: Yes, you have to capture it before being able to destroy it or seal it for future use.

General Information: A portal that does spawn hostile creatures at certain intervals.

Function: A portal that does spawn hostile creatures at certain intervals. The amount, level and type
of creatures varies. The portal can be used to train creatures if you manage to seal it with a trap door which you
can then operate at will, there's then a change they might break through though so be cautions. If you wish to
exterminate the danger entirely one must capture all tiles surrounding the portal and then selecting creatures to
destroy it; preferably this should be done through a ritual performed by mages and/or magic users.

Wall Decorations: This should of course vary depending on the surrounding soil types etc. The walls should be just
natural rock with support beams to keep the roof from collapsing. Of course some moss have started to grow on one
or more of the wooden beams.

Architecture: In the middle of the room there's this staircase that goes down into a dark pit. At the top of
the staircase there's this unlit lantern on a pole with a skeleton, dead of course, in chain mail, holding a rusty
sword. A few inches away from the skeleton lies a cracked metal helmet with visible dents on it. Against a wall a
smashed wooden and steel shield leans with arrows sticking out of it. On the floor one can see clear footprints of
different kinds leading off in general directions. Up against another wall one can see a ribcage clearly pined to
the wall by a spear and some fungus growing out of the dirt below.
Not open for further replies.
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