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Top 5....Games !

Jan 4, 2013
Lancashire, UK
So boys and girls, cats and dogs, Gentlemen and harlots, park your butts in yo seats for here it be ! A thread of things that are things ! Stuff that is stuff ! and small swedish children that may or may not be giraffe. For here be a list and you do be encouraged to follow it with thine own. A list of things most wonderous.

Thy favouritest of murder simulators, the finest of house building extravaganzas or the most dark and twisted of barbie horse riding simulators. Whatever floats your proverbial wooden sail bucket.

And so here we go :-

FIVE:- WoW - sorry but you cant put literally 100x more time into something than any other game youve ever played and then claim its not an amazing game. If you do youre pretty much delusional and in denial. I enjoy other games more NOW than i enjoy WoW NOW but putting them here would be false, when it first came out it blew mine and pretty much everyone elses minds. And no it HASNT got worse over time, but when you drop well over TEN THOUSAND hours into something you do get a bit jaded. And you also get damn good at it so no it hasnt got easier either.

FOUR:- Fallout - There all damn gold. I dont know any other series which has been consistently this awesome in every single game, yes even Tactics, because fuck you thats why.

THREE:- Legend of Zelda ( on the SNES ) - Nuff said.

TWO:- Suikoden 2, best JRPG ever made, Fact. Not opinion.

ONE:- Thief series/deus ex series - Yeah im cheating, and i dont gotta explain shit. They are both the epitome of all i love, Glorious story and gameplay at the same time. And thief has the best atmosphere and sound direction in any game ever.....Deal with it.

Honourable mentions:- Planescape torment, Simcity 4, Quake 2, Shining force 1 + 2, Super metroid, Terraria.
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Jan 4, 2013
Lancashire, UK
"Noontide: too hard
Noontide: make a list for me ;P"



5:- Gay life 3 - He loves it yes he does.

4:- Barbie horse Adventures

3:- Robot unicorn attack - YUUUP

2:- Mary-kate and ashley: Crush course

1:- Mary-kate and ashley: sweet 16, license to drive.

Yes these are all real.


Jan 11, 2012
Not a Dungeon Keeper fan eh? :p
I'm a fan, but I wouldn't put it in my top five, either.


This is a hard thing for my to decide, because... Well, I love a lot of games. I've grown attached to so many and have forgotten some that I really love, too. I have a terrible memory, and every time I make a list like this, it's never the same. I think I answered a list somewhat like this elsewhere on the site, back in 2012.

There are a few gems, though I really can't list them in order. I can't make a 'top five games of all time' list without feeling like I've left twenty or so games out. Age of Wonders, Homeworld, Diablo, Age of Empires II, the Heroes series, Might and Magic 6/7/8, Quake 3, the Mass Effect series, Mario games, Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale, Rock'n'Roll Racing, FTL, Total War, Warcraft II / III, Dungeon Keeper (still not on any 'top 5' for me but definitely one'a my old favorites), Killer Instinct, Sacrifice, Rites of War, Fable, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, Europa Universalis 3, Wizardry 8, Neverwinter Nights... I could go on and on and on and on. I just list them in any order.

I guess my problem is that I treat video games like books. They have a story, only there are often multiple ways of reaching the end of that story, and multiple endings. I love the Dresden Files, but I can't arbitrarily say that the Dresden Files trumps Tamora Pierce's books for me; Hell no, her books were a huge part of my childhood. The Hobbit is a cornerstone of my bookshelf, but I still can't honestly say that it's better than one of my other favorites, like the Bartimaeus Trilogy, my King Arthur-related collection, Beowulf, or Of Mice and Men. Good books are good books. I can't, I really just separate them out beyond "like" and "dislike," "love" and "hate." That'd be like trying to pick which of my nieces I loved more. I just can't.

So... I can't really tell you what my top five list of video games is. I can, however, throw a wall of text involving hundreds of video games and tell you "I love these games."
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Dec 12, 2012
My top five games/ series

Chrono cross/ chrono trigger.


Odd World



Jedie Knights of the Old Republic

Jade Empire

This is not in order, i under stand i listed 9 game. I also understand you just checked how many i listed and know I ticked you. have a nice day
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Lord of Riva

The Lord
Dec 29, 2012
ive played so much games... just 5 hmm. i will try it but it can be that if someone would ask me the same question it would look different ;)

1. Planescape Torment, not because its a great game per se but it has the most epic story ... ever

2. The Binding of Isaac, i played this game so damn much. torment may have a great story but BoI has gameplay. ( okay its disgusting but hey ;) )

3. Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 , these games are the most classic games they introduced awesome gameplay... and multiplayer in an RPG for the first time in my case at least)

4. KOTOR 2. im not a star wars fan, and the first was really good but the second was just greater, you could influence everybody, it made a black and white universe plausible it is great ( although its bugged as hell.) this game was never "really" finished by there developers but in a scene something just stronger than this happens. never seen such a STRONG moment in vidoe gaming.

5. Azure Dreams. im not sure why, its the first game that i played that made me collecting everything. i´ve played it what ... 1000 hours in my live? just because i dig it out every now and then and play it on my psx. im not sure why i think this is great, there isnt a reason really. There are enough games that work in the same system (even newer ones) but its part of my childhood.


Dec 1, 2012
Surrey, laughing at how rubbish Sussex is.
I dont feel the need to be sycophantic and place it my TOP FIVE GAMES EVER just because im on a forum relevant to it like many people tend to do with things like this ;p Also the doctor called and has told me there was a severe lack of list in your post ;p
Fine, following your example here is my TOP 5 not including Dungeon Keeper:

FIVE:- Diablo 2 - Funnily enough a number of games I considered for this list were the second game in a series, but this 2nd generationer was always going to edge the others out. Diablo is addictive, but that is for no other reason than that the game is really well made, and designed to be replayable, with it's ever changing map layout, random monster encounters, and almost infinite number of possible loot drops. Indeed this masterpiece might have made it all the way to the number 1 spot if it weren't for the end game. Ultimately it reaches a point I personally dislike in games, where the game stops becoming skill or character build, but farming and trading for that perfect set of gear in order to pass through those last few locations in hell difficulty.

FOUR:- Super Smash Bro's Melee - I don't care who you are, what kinda games you dislike, or what Nintendo characters you hate, play this game and you will get some enjoyment out of it. With it's huge roster (I don't care how many of them are clones!) multitude of interesting levels, and chaos from it's hoard of raining items; win or lose you will get a kick out this games madness, if nothing else but for that brief moment of satisfaction when all seems lost, but you somehow double jump and flail your way back to a ledge, only to smashed straight back out of the screen by that bizarrely OP home-run bat!

THREE:- Streets of Rage - Maybe this one's just nostalgia kicking in, but I don't think so. This one is a simple game, walk forward and punch bad guys until there are no more bad guys left to punch, but that's it's beauty and it sure as hell does it well. Primarily in my opinion this was a 2 player game, and I cherish those memories of me and a buddy yelling at each other as we got our asses handed to us by a pair of girls on level 5, making sure to call the cops (who are apparently armed with rocket launchers, and not a lot of time to hang around), after every inevitable respawn.

TWO:- Morrowind - The Ultimate RPG. I think 99.9% of gamers and non gamers alike have played Skyrim now, and maybe it's a little hard to go back to a time of poorer graphics (though still stunning for the time!) text based dialogue, and far more basic AI; those of you who played this at the time however, will know what I'm talking about I think. Like in Skyrim you take the role of some nobody in a foreign land you initially know very little of, and over the course of the game learn the layout, learn th customers, and grow from wrestling mudcrabs, to pimp slapping would be god's. There are 2 main differences in my opinion: 1. There is very little in the way of fast travel, you walk places and see the world, and that's a damn good thing because: 2. there is something completely new and interesting around EVERY SINGLE CORNER! you will not walk 5 steps without stumbling across something super awesome! Whats that? You can't do anything with this dungeon until you gain the relevant quest? Screw that! If my wandering in here breaks the game a bit then it breaks the game a bit, but I can still hand in this strange piece of dwemer pipe to whoever asked for it as soon as I remember who I pawned it to, and oh yeah, I was level 1, I didn't clear it out, there were freakin Dremora lords in there so I just made a runner and picked up some high level deadric artifacts cause this world is realistic and built around itself for the player to explore, not built around the player for perfectly leveled enemies and loot to throw themselves at you! *pause for breath* Good game.

ONE:- Baldur's Gate 2 - Oh snap, sorry did I just call Morrowind the Ultimate RPG? Well maybe it is, and maybe it isn't, but in my opinion this one just about trumps it, albeit very different in play style. This is a party based D&D RPG using the AD&D system (hardcore complex rules) and picks up right from where Baldur's gate 1 left off, infact if you have your saved file from Baldur's gate 1, start the game by importing your characters straight in here. That's right, you won't be starting as level 1 characters, and oh my will you be reaching higher levels before we are done. I don't really want to say anything about the plot for fear of spoiling anything, especially since there's a good chance we can see the remake very soon (Baldur's gate 1 just saw it's own enhanced edition released with promise of the same treatment for it's sequel) But it's story is gripping to say the least, and aided well by a particularly splendid piece of voice acting courtesy of David Warner. Like Morrowind you don't lack for things to do in this world, so be prepared to set aside a great many hours, and with the vast array of choices you can make and different NPC's you can recruit, multiply that as you will find numerous play-through's keep this one fresh. Best of all though was to see a game of this style go all the way, by which I mean you will start the game shooting magic missile and hitting guys with swords, but by the time your done you can STOP TIME, SUMMON ANGELS AT WILL, AND - well - hit guys with much more shiny swords.

Wow, I seem to have dragged on a bit, guess I got a bit over enthusiastic on the subject to say the least, but there you have it, my top 5 and why ^_^


Feb 20, 2013
DK (1/2) yeah major fan,
planescape torment
azure dreams but i lost my copy lol
fallout and yeah im sure all these are already listed cause they ALL rock


Ember Demon
Jan 10, 2012
Hmmm, this is a hard call. Well, here's a list in no particular order...

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - some would probably argue that Ocarina of Time was better, but I'd say that I played this one more. It's also the one that set the formula for how the following major Zelda games were done in many ways. They are talking about breaking the mold with the next one in the series, so that should be interesting to see.

Azure Dreams - Glad to see I'm not the only one who really enjoyed this game. Lots of different elements thrown in. You've got the tower roguelike element as the core challenge, which gives a lot of replay value. Then you've got town building, which I always love having that in games. The dating sim element is amusing as well, considering the characters are interesting. It would be awesome if some indie developer where to make something like it.

The Elder Scrolls Series - I can't put this as one game. Every major title in the series is an improvement over the last in some ways. It's one of those ones where you just know you're going to buy it before you've even seen any gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII - Arguably the best in the series, though FFVI could come close. All the ones that came after I feel fell short, or at least the ones I have played. It has an interesting story and setting and the combat system is really well done. The materia system provides choices but is not overly complex.

Half Life 2 + episodes - A very enjoyable set of FPS games and I've definitely played through them more times than I have any other FPS. Again, the story and setting are interesting and as such there's a reason that people are hungry for information on the next entry in the series.

Honorable Mention: Portal and Portal 2 - I would rank these as the funniest games of all time, though not the best in their own right. The gameplay is fun and innovative to be sure, but unfortunately there's somewhat limited replay value.
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Dec 18, 2011
My Top 11 would have to be
Also a few others too

11: Destruction Derby Quadtrilogy
10: Flatout Series
9: Burnout Original Trilogy
8: Rome: Total War
7: Driver Original Trilogy
6: Ratchet and Clank
5: Spyro The Original Trilogy
4: Naughty Bear + Panic in Paradise
3: Empire: Total War
2: [Prototype]
1: Ecstatica

X: Would be DK and DD but they don't count that's why they're marked as X


Feb 6, 2013
Kent, England
Mine are, and in no particular order;

- Populous: the Beginning (PS1 and PC)
- World of Warcraft
- Black and White (All of them)
- DK 1&2
- Fable the Lost Chapters
- Disciples 2

and many many many more! ^_^
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Aug 23, 2012
Ok, here is my top five (1 being my favorite):

5) Spartan Total Warrior

4) Age of Mythology

3) Rome Total War

2) Thief

1) Dungeon Keeper

Cultist Joris

Ember Demon
Dec 30, 2012
  1. DK I (duh!)
  2. Elder Scrolls V
  3. Fallout III
  4. Portal II
  5. Company of Heroes (R.I.P. THQ)
It was a heart breaking choise...but many more are worthy to be in the top 5! ;)
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