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Top of the walls


Nov 18, 2012
Are you going to change the top of the fortified walls?
i really dont like the castle looking top, and i cant see then fit in a underground dungeon

Wonder if some one fells like me about it :D
I was just looking at it, the tops do look a bit dwarfish right now. Yet the walls do need something to make it so they still look nice. Without anything on the tops it just looks kind of blah.

Perhaps something like this is more to your liking?

Rounded edges would fill roughly the same space, allow for a definition that the wall ends there, AND give the player the feeling that there is a ceiling while they are possessing a creature. Hopefully this works for you (and the development team)?

It wouldn't need an entire ceiling put in, just a small portion of the outward slope that takes up the same amount of space as the existing tops. Let me know if I'm not being too clear.
Dec 16, 2012
Blumenau, SC, Brazil
I personally LOVE the way the ceiling was handled in DK1, the rugged rocks when you were possessing a creature and the cavernous feel it gave to the room when possessing a creature, that was awesome!

BTW, have you ever tried mining/digging a tunnel? It is not easy! And it usually ends up with a hollowed out ceiling of sorts, that looks kinda like that, I believe if the ceiling were to get very fancy fancy, it would take away the ''rustic'' feel to the whole dungeon... Plus, look at how tall the imps are! How on earth are they going to get that high up and place stones or the sort up there?! lol
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