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[Trap] Drowned Soul

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Jun 19, 2012
Reading, England
Name: Drowned Soul

Uses: 1 Shot, however is replenished / rebuilt by construction / workers room automatically.

Blood cost: A little on detonation.

Target: Largish area of Effect. Only effects creatures IN THE WATER around it. Creatures on land are safe.

Friendly Fire: Yes if they are too close but cannot be activated by them.

Cooldown: New one must be built but they do not have that long a build time.

Recovery: No, Explode on impact. Any impact. Can be attacked from range to detonate.

Built by: Either alchemists lab, workshop or enchanting room however REQUIRES a graveyard.

Information: It always irritated me that there was never any defence over bare water so if you had a dungeon breech next to water there was little you could do but barricade the hold or pop a trap on it. If you were lucky it was a spot where you could put a door/secret door. So how to counter this or make water levels that just a bit more interesting? Mines... Made from enchanted severed heads that scream like the damned and explode and stun when anything unwelcome gets too close.

Function: It is Invisible to non-aquatic creatures and those who can't detect traps. Detonation does massive damage (enough to 1 shot up to level 3's and even higher level creatures with low health). Also stuns and knocks over for a few seconds (like being dropped from the hand). Can be avoided (and also cannot be seen by) by flying creature such as faeries, fireflies, vampires in bat form etc.

Appearance: I can't draw but i think people can imagine what a male greyish several weeks dead looking severed head with some seaweed in it's hair. It has bulging mad looking white zombie esque eyes and mouth sewn shut and is anchored to the floor (underwater) by a chain riveted into the neck stump.

How Introduced: An enemy has obvious weak points in his dungeon protected by them but the player is not told.

Entrance Effect: Imp ducking under water to attach the chain baseplate to floor then jumping up and down on head to get it under.

Advisor Quotes: When first obtained: The defeat of keeper XXXX (whoever you just killed) has borne unexpected fruit keeper. From the ashes of his workshop/lab comes a most vicious trap. The drowned soul is now yours to construct from the dead. These water bound unliving victims explode when enemies are foolish enough venture near devastating unwary intruders into you realm.
Jan 7, 2012
This is a good Idea, the DK water was a bit boring because it only affected vampires , Maybethe head could bite and clung to its victim for some seconds before it explode, accompanied by a fear effect which makes the victim running some metres back, in the worst case back to its allys.
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