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[Trap] Force/Gravity manipulator

Discussion in 'Suggestion Archive' started by Sarevokus, Mar 1, 2012.


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  1. Sarevokus

    Sarevokus Chunder

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    Name: Force/Gravity manipulator


    Cost : mid - High (~750-1500)
    Mana Drain: medium upkeep (~100-200) per sek or 10-30 per creature affected
    Target: Any creature crossing this trap
    Friendly Fire: Yes
    Cooldown: always up
    Recovery: none

    Information: A trap only that can be only placed in corridors. Used to decrease travel times in dungeons

    Function: It applies force to creatures that passes by. It speeds up allies and slow down enemies for a short time
    (only walking speed. Might force flying creature to land)

    Appearance: 2 crystals on walls with static electricity running between them.

    So basically i after physics calsses and thinking about how annoying imps are to travel between gems/gold i thought about a trap that could add a force to creatures and by result of that make them slower/faster. (or decrease/increase friction XD) Use of trap is quite limited (they take up space of doors) and i think smart placement might be deciding factor in some dungeon layouts.

    Cons : long corridor filled with those and a boulder behind doors at end might be quite stronk :/

    PS. Images/Appearance suggestion welcome :)
  2. chaoseater

    chaoseater Gargoyle Backer

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    Sounds good from DK2 i no when your imp get to level 4 its has a speed boost then get higther it can teleport but this games not DK2;) so with the boulder trap and im not saying there is one i think you can get round it and only let monsters pass and if a trap go past is wont do anything to it or even to stop somthing like that you could make the said boulder destroy it then people cant do a speed boulder i think DK had somthing like that in the game

    Now i cant draw for my life and its in pen so yea pic0001.jpg

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