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[Trap] Honey

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Jun 26, 2013

Disturbing the Honey trap releases a swarm or hornets that will sting and chase multiple units around a medium distance. Although your own creatures will not trigger the trap, the hornets will attack any creature once disturbed. Small and weak units will be devastated by this trap, even large, tough creatures will have to turn and run. Fire would make an obvious counter to this trap. Medium cool down. Costs - a lot.


Ember Demon
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Jan 10, 2012
I deleted my post and am just going to put my own variant here, since having two posts with the same thing would be redundant. When I saw your "honey" title I figured it was some kind of goo to slow people down.

Highlight:The Hell Hive is a defensive trap that is meant to be supported by creatures that gives you a slight edge when placed. It releases a swarm of hellish insects that targets an enemy in range, doing minor damage to health and increasing cool down times on the abilities of affected units for a time. The insects then return to the hive with the blood of their prey in tow and heal the hive if it is damaged, and then may be sent out again against another enemy.
Vein: Sloth or Greed
Appearance: A demonic bee hive or perhaps a termite mound.
Possible Variants/Upgrades: The hive could release multiple swarms or possibly the swarm could be made bigger to do AOE damage against any enemy that it crosses paths at it travels to and from its target.
Jun 26, 2013
I like your idea about the bees repairing their own trap. I really hope to see some sort of swarming insect either via trap, spell or creature. I hope it is a possible option.

Ben Chandler

Impassibly Cool
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Jan 23, 2013
A honey trap is something that may seem pleasant until too late when it becomes dangerous, usually referring to luring a man into danger using a seductive woman...
... This is not that, so I'd suggest a rethink of the name.
Jan 3, 2013
Inb4 hive launcher, that throws a hive full of angry bees that stay around the landed hive for some time until it disappears. Any passer would get constantly stinged by bees, losing health per every attack as well as losing movement speed until the effect is over. You can add a small miss effect too.

Anyway, not sure if it will stack with the entire WFTO trap theme since it doesn't look like a mechanical trap or the trap that can be manufactured in the Foundry by anyone.
Feb 10, 2014
could be an environmental hazard
ie, neutral insect monsers have these around their hives to defend them and/or you can randomly stumble across them.

also, special traps for in the campaign, to be used by and/or against you on certain levels.
"lord 'x' is known for his great fear of bees keeper, so much so he chose a post in the underworld where he would never have to encounter them. perhaps we should arrange a special surprise for lord 'x'..." and then you have a side objective to destroy a few insect themed traps to learn how to make them and a reward for using them against lord 'x'. if in game honey traps should be able to stun knights as i cant imagine having bees getting inside a suit of armor would be very much fun.
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