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(Trap) Oil Trap

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Feb 10, 2012
Name: Oil Trap


Uses: once
Mana Drain: n/a
Target: as many creatures that can fit on one tile
Friendly Fire: yes
Cooldown: n/a
Recovery: this badboy is a 1 hit wonder.

Information: The oil trap is a cheap and quickly fashioned trap which can be used in a bind as a last minute defence or obstacle for invaders, and also a good way to pause (long enough to grab a quick handful of units) advancing or sneaking enemies.

Function: When an enemy uses a fire based spell/ability while standing on this trap, it will backfire and ignite the tile and the unit in flame. The unit gets a short debuff that deals peroidic fire damage and while moving leaves a damaging trail of flame behind him and damaging anyone he touches. also the tile remains on fire for 10-20 seconds after activated, damaging all who touch it. The trap can also be targetted and activated by your own creature's fire spells (from a safe distance of course!).
-just to specify, when activated by an enemy the enemy takes fire damage from his debuff as well as the tile. and when he leaves his fire trail and touches units, the units take damage from both the enflamed target as well as the fire trail.

Appearance: To you it makes the tile appear blackish or oily, but is invisible to enemies.
Not open for further replies.
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