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Trap or Spell - Sentinels

Should Sentinels be a castable Spell, or a constructable Trap. Vote after reading.

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Apr 14, 2012
I have been seeing a lot of questions about the same basic topic: Will there be an extra way to defend the Dungeon Heart? My idea is the Sentinels, but I don't know whether it should be a castable spell (in the style of Create Imp), or a trap that you can place anywhere, but is most effective near the Dungeon Heart, so, I present my two idea's to you, the People, so that you may be the Judge, the Jury, and, quite possibly, the Executioner.

Name: Awaken Sentinel

Keeper spell or creature spell? Keeper

Researched when? Mid-Late Game

Blood Cost: Initially costs 1500, increases by 1500 each cast. Can only be cast 4 times, unless a Sentinel is destroyed. if one sentinel is destroyed, then it has discount on price e.g 1500 wil be 750. Will always summon ones that are needed.

Cooldown: 1 - 1.5min

Information: A purely defensive spell, since Sentinels are completely out of player's control (can't be picked up, slapped etc.)

Function: Awakens one Archer and one Warrior Sentinel from the Piles of Stone Parts that are around your Dungeon Heart at the start of each level. They will assemble themselves and go stand in the correct positions. If wounded, will repair each other., to a certain extent. Each heal is able to repair less and less damage, so it eventually stops working.

Position Guide
A 5x5 room. Dungeon Heart takes up 3x3, is squarely in the middle. Door in the middle of each fortified wall - e.g F F F D F F F. Archer stands in each corner, Warrior stands in front of each door.

Icon: A helmet, like those of the Hoplites of Greece

Appearance: The Sentinels begin to pull themselves together, and slowly rise. Imagine something like the Automaton from Age of Mythology mixed with the Atlantis Sentinel's from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The walk over to their designated places, and then freeze, only to be awakened when danger should threaten the Dungeon Heart. Note that they are slightly too big to go through a doorway, so they cannot leave the Heart Chamber.

Name: Sentinel

Uses: Infinite
Blood cost: Uses a small amount of blood when 'alerted' (notices an enemy), very small blood drain when inactive
Target: Single, short range. Can only move within a 5x5 tile radius of base (where the blueprint was placed). If enemy is on other side of wall, th Sentinel will not target it, as it would take too long to reach the enemy
Friendly Fire: Will not damage your units, but may annoy them, as it will occaisionally knock them over / aside. the more annoyed ones will occaisionally add graffiti to the Sentinel in revenge.
Cooldown: None, but will return to pedestal / base when no enemies in sight. This reduces the Blood Cost. The Sentinel will require some time to wake up and get off the pedestal.
Recovery: Very Slow
Damage: High against unarmoured cratures. Damage gets lower the more armour the target has.
Damage Type: Blunt. Despite the fact that the weapon is a sword, it is still made of stone.
Information: This trap is useful for turtlers. However, use it wisely, as only 8 can be built at a time, and it is very expensive (around $5000). Also, it is not advised to put it in a hallway that is 1 tile wide, as it blocks all passage. Instead, put it in a recess in the wall, that way, your creatures can get past it.

Function: Protects it's territory. Gains a small Damage and Hit Point Recovery Rate bonus when any tile of the Dungeon Heat is included within it's territory.

Appearance: A large statue that, when inactive, stands on a dais in some heroic pose. When activated, however, it's eyes open, revealing a light (which should be in the player's colour), and it will climb down from the pedestal, ready to confront the interlopers.


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
I think the sentinels might do a good job when used as a trap - however, I'm strictly against using them as a spell, as a player should, in my eyes, simply not be capable of pulling a proper base defense out of his or her behind at the first occasion - the player should be forced to plan ahead, even if that only means to slap some traps here and there.
I'm a bit skeptic about trap Sentinel being mobile (whereas most other traps are stationary due to a lack of legs), but I think the relatively high price and the limited operation range should suffice to balance that out.
The interesting question here, however, is how much damage the sentinels would deal - in AoM the sentinels were strong enough to keep early rushes at bay, but a serious attack could just mow them down. In WftO this is a different matter, of course - seeing how they are quite costly, I suppose they will usually see their use in the later parts of the game, where a good amount of DPS would be necessary to keep up with other traps.


Apr 14, 2012
I have added three things things:
Damage (Trap) is listed as High against unarmoured creatures, weaker against armoured
Damage Type (Trap) is listed as Blunt (weapon made from stone)
Researched When (Spell) Is listed as Mid-Late Game, counteracting your concerns. Hopefully.


WFTO Backer
Dec 12, 2012
Both you make Sentinel that stay still until you bring them to life with a spell, so they cost money to make and use blood when the spell is caste and cost upkeep in blood while active.


WFTO Founder
Dec 1, 2012
Surrey, laughing at how rubbish Sussex is.
I kind of like the idea of a sentinel trap, but I do not like the idea that it would be more effective around the dungeon heart. As with the various tentacle heart type threads that I have posted in, I just think you should be planning your defenses around preventing the enemy reaching your heart in the first place.

Cultist Joris

Ember Demon
WFTO Founder
Dec 30, 2012
I just think you should be planning your defenses around preventing the enemy reaching your heart in the first place.
This is actually a trap that prevents the enemy to reach your heart...
B.t.w. you can set as many traps as you want, if the enemy just teleports into your heart-room it has absolutely no effect...


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
How about the following idea: A sentinel trap, that is essentially a ballista, mounted and operated by a blood imp. That way, it would be very costly to prepare rooms full of sentinels, to stop any attacker.
They would temporarily bind one of your workers, (you could still pick them up and drop them elsewhere) but they would fire heavy ballista bolts at attackers. The trap itself would be vulnerable to melee attacks, so you might want to put some barricades in front of them. They could be used to slow down early rushers or support your defense. If the calculations and the required code are not too much, they could have a projectile arc, so your range would be limited by the gravitational pull on the bolt.
If the imp required to mount it comes off as too restrictive, they could be able to fire at a cost of blood. Maybe as an upgrade during mid or late game.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
i like the idea of Imps being a defense line of some sort (behind a Ballista, a cannon, a Gatlin or whatever) and while strong since one of your workers has to use it its costs would be high i like it ^^
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Jan 28, 2013
Would it be an idea to put your minions on sentry duty? In DK2 you had the sentry rooms, but this is quite different. Here you only have to option to place them on sentry around the dungeon heart.

You could also make the minions go to unhappy as a negative point if they are put on sentry duty too long. This also encourages micro management.

Having sentinels as a last resort spell, as Fireeye, stated also does not get my buzz going. You have to plan this beforehand.
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