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[Trap] Reinforcement Trap

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Dec 15, 2011
Tauranga, New Zealand
Name: The Reinforcement Trap


Price: Average.
Mana Drain: Pretty large chunk, around 1000 or so in DKII terms.
Cooldown: Around 10 seconds
Recovery: Fast

Information: The reinforcement trap is designed to pull a nearby creature to it in order to deal with whatever threat triggered it.

Function: Apon being triggered, the Reinforcement trap will teleport the nearest combat oriented (e.g, it will choose an Ogre over a Slave) creature to it's location, it chooses the strongest, closest creature it can. The time it takes for said creature to arrive is determined by how far away the creature is. If the trap is triggered again, it will choose a different creature if the first is in combat.
When the creature is teleported, it is stunned as if it was dropped by your hand.

Appearance: A small, metal platform surrounded by Tesla Coils, when the trap is triggered, the tesla coils will generate lightning directed at the platform until a creature appears there.

When the trap is destroyed, the tesla coils will activate, generating a spew of electricity in random directions. This deals no damage and is purely for aesthetic purposes
Not open for further replies.
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