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[Trap] Trap vein

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Nov 29, 2011
Name: Trap vein

Stats: Same amount of hits required as a gold vein

Uses: Once
Mana Drain: No
Target: None (is Dug out)
Friendly Fire: On explosion
Cooldown: Destroyed on use
Recovery: No

Function: the trap takes the form of a gold vein. when dug out by an enemy imp it will unknowingly carry a bomb back to the enemy dungeon heart, it will explode. the dungeon heart will suffer around (5% to 10%?) of its max health as damage and will do a large amount of damage to surrounding units, including any freindly units caught in the blast. when the trap is dug out the mentor will say "your imp is carrying booby trapped gold, slap him quickly" im not sure how the imp carrying the bomb would appear, wether it would look like it was installing a trap or carrying gold but when the imp that is carrying the bomb is slapped the trap will be dropped and will then be usable by the enemy.
Appearance: The Trap will appear to be a gold vein to the opponent but to you it will look like a gold vein on the side but will have a picture of a bomb on the top


WFTO Backer
Dec 10, 2011
South Australia
Bombs and explosives of any kind are frowned upon, however the idea of booby trapped gold is a good one.

My suggestion is this, change it to be a spell instead that when cast on dirt/rock causes it to look like gold. For all intents and purposes it is gold, except it will vanish from your opponent's treasury after a few minutes. Nothing could be worse than to reach payday and to have all your gold evaporate.
Nov 10, 2011
The Netherlands
My suggestion is to make the gold tile, when dug, inflict a curse/poison effect on the imps mining it, so it can be used to kill enemy imps in a sneaky way instead.
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