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Triggers for the Map Editor

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Jan 8, 2017
Hello there,

Everyone knows Dota or other Moba games. The origin they had in Warcraft 3 by Custom Maps the Warcraft 3 at that time again really popular.
This was all made possible by the map editor, which gave the players almost unlimited possibilities.

A map editor offers War Of The Underworld also but unfortunately there is no proper function to create triggers.
To create special maps like Tower Defense's, Moba's or Campaign Levels, triggers are needed to bring more interactions into the game.

My suggestion would be to expand the map editor so that you get an additional script editor on a GUI basis.

Also, diplomacy, more factions, a campaign editor for related levels and more settings for objects and creatures would be very helpful.

You could also make objects and spaces available from the official campaign such as the levers, the drawbridge and many more.

The whole would be extremely complicated to implement. But if this had been done, there would be an explosion of content in the Steam Workshop and also determined some new players.

As a developer and publisher, you want only two things: the money must be what you get through purchases and what is much more important. The players should have fun in the game and appreciate the work of you.
So I think the idea and the effort to implement this idea is ultimately worth it.

If my English should be bad I'm sorry. Blame the google translator :D
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Jan 19, 2013
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Your suggestion is a good one, which is why it's not the first time it's been suggested haha.

Ultimately this is something that I think everyone in the dev team (and the QA Team) would like to do, but as you correctly said it would be incredibly complex to add. That being said it is something that the devs have said that they are interested in atleast trying to do.

Absolutely no promises though!
Jan 8, 2017
Oh I'm sorry. I have read the "Suggested things so far" -Thread but have not found a topic that has been so.

I would find it really great if the developers try. Thumbs up :D
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