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Trillion: God of Destruction

Mar 11, 2014
Well, here's one more than a bit off the beaten path! But should nonetheless be familiar to some of you -- and a whole lot more if you're a fan of Disgaea or Neptunia. I played this on the Vita a couple months ago and I'll bet dollars to donuts it'll be on Steam sooner or later. It's by Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory. Trillion: God of Destruction is a game taking place inside a world of demons (the game was made by former Disgaea staff). One day, a giant monstrosity named Trillion shows up and begins barreling through the demons defenses, on its way to try to attack the Underworld's core. If the core is destroyed, so too will the power of the Overlords who rule this realm sink into darkness of the nether and everyone will lose their home.

One by one, you have to train each of the Overlords to act as a final line of defense to keep Trillion from reaching the core. Even if it means sacrificing their lives and seeing a lot of the energy put into training them spent. Does this sound at all familiar at all to anyone who's been on the wrong side of a Behemoth rush?

The Underworld residents, as a slight subversion, are pretty decent people taken on their own. They don't get along with human or divine forces, but they do get along very well with other extra-planar beings. In some free DLC, you can get help from the goddesses of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, who... surprisingly get along just fine with the Overlords.

I'm crossing my fingers this one gets to Steam. It got pretty harshly panned by reviewers, but it actually reminded me to check back up on WftO!

(I feel a lot of the harsher reviews are quite fair, especially some of the technical and U.I. aspects, though many reviewers really weren't ready for the sort of game it was. It's definitely not a game for everyone.)
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