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Ugh... Steam is teasing me...

Dec 13, 2013
I have Steam running in the background constantly, with the icon pinned on my taskbar. Every time I see that it's automatically downloading updates I whimper a little and hope it's the new War for the Overworld update. Alas, no... It's another DotA update, a game I haven't played in six months.



Ember Demon
WFTO Backer
Jan 10, 2012
I have an easy way for you to prevent this - uninstall all other games on Steam. This will prevent false hope updates.

Slightly more effort could be done by setting the other games to just not update.


WFTO Founder
Oct 22, 2012
Canterbury, Kent
well that sucks, good potential and steam gets the better part.
how to ruin a game, how indeed.
Erm... the online stuff is *because* of steam, because it makes it easier.
Without steam, you still wouldn't have online stuff... and nobody else would either.

So it's not ruined a game, it's taken a game that has great potential, and made it better for people willing to use steam.


WFTO Backer
Dec 29, 2012
Stevenage, England
well that sucks, good potential and steam gets the better part.
how to ruin a game, how indeed.
It was stated long ago that Steam was the best way for independent developers like SG to get their games to a wider audience and provide the resultant users/gamers/fans continued support and help community content.
The alternative is that a small (no offence guys) company with very few resources has to set a huge chunk of their assets aside and take time out of developing the game in order to set up all the things Steam already has. Think about the shear task that would be. Think of the extra staff that would be needed to configure and maintain those systems. More money taken away from development.

I'm a Steam user but I do prefer DRM free media. I have a desire to see information/data free to exist and grow with aid from everyone on the net without money and, therefore, DRM or any other extreme copyright crap.
That said, I feel Steam is the least invasive and most productive software that a gamer could currently hope for in this environment.
Simburgur has said something along the lines of it being the best fit for their development cycle and the best way to bring the new content to users... and it's free! [...ish. We all know they'll take a slice of any pie they can, but they do earn it.]
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