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[Underlord Creature] Brain Slug

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Apr 28, 2013
Name: Brain Slug (or frankly anything I am pretty garbage at coming up with names)
Description/Preface: These brain-eating mollusks are masters of the mind, infesting their prey with plagues of their foul polypal spawn before tearing it to shreds with their mental energies.​
Basically what I'm going for is a proxy for all the cool aberrant monsters from dungeons and dragons, namely mind flayers and aboleths. Physically, I'm thinking a large slug with human-like arms, maybe some tentacles for the hell of it, and a cool lamprey-mouth or something to make it look really alien. A brown color scheme would probably be pretty boring so maybe coloring it like a nudibranch would keep things lively. In combat, their damage output should be fairly low in favor of defensive staying power that allows them to whittle away at entire enemy groups.​
Image: http://i39.tinypic.com/2popma9.jpg

Faction: Underlord
Type: Intelligent
Role: Spellcaster
Acquired By:
Basic Attack: Mind Blast
Offensive Power: Low
Defensive Power: High
Resistances: Generally high armor and health
Movement: Slow
Work: Research
Entertainment: There are few things a Brain Slug enjoys more than feasting on the brains of fallen creatures, whether enemies or allies. They also, like all slugs, enjoy a good beer (look it up!)
Special Needs: The brain slug should finish off injured creatures by eating their brains. Maybe they can't eat regular food and must do this to survive, or maybe the brains of micropigs are acceptable, but just lack a certain je ne sais quoi. Either way, taking enemies captive just isn't something that's going to happen much with brain slugs around.​
Upgrades: Munch on some brains, get bigger. It's the good life.
Passive Traits
  • Mucus Cloud: The brain slug species is surrounded at all times by a cloud of mucus. It's pretty gross and it gets on all the furniture. Luckily, it also makes it hard for enemies to find stable footing when a slug is around as well as being quite toxic to anything flailing around in the stuff.
Active Abilities
  • Flying Polyps: The brain slug launches a cloud of its spawn at the enemy. These ravenous creatures are mentally directed by their parent to spread throughout the enemy ranks, feasting upon all and sundry before withering and falling to the ground.
  • Confusion: A psychic attack that makes enemies treat everything around them as an enemy, as well as disabling any special abilities that the target may have. The brain slug version of a firm handshake.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
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Dec 29, 2012
I love slugs :D

first things first: if i remember correctly the devs stated only Humanoid creatures can be intelligent, so it should be a beast.

research isnt possible through this.
then the Brain eating:it needs to eat brains of enemies (since you wont be Battling all the time) would be really annoying
and the : Capturing enemies is hard isnt really working since capturing/converting enemies is kinda ... a core feature

the Mucus Cloud trait is a little strange shouldnt it slow down enemies? the last time i saw a Slug it was sticky ;)

adding to the List
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