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[Underlord Creature] Ice Scorpion

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Feb 9, 2012
Name: Ice scorpion

Description/Preface: Ice Scorpion is a powerful creature created by a Cultist ritual. The cultists created this beast with the tormented souls of magic users, giving it decent intelligence. The ice scorpion requires no food but it will need rest and pay.


Key Stats
Highlight:Well I like scorpions and also I don't think we have enough cold based creature suggestions.


Type:Intelligent (brought to life by cultist magic)

Role:Melee Fighter, Caster

Acquired By:A cultist ritual that will require the bodies of magic users, this is the reason for its intelligence.

Basic Attack:[Melee] [Damage Type--slashing/cold] [power-average]

Offensive Power: Moderate

Defensive Power:above average

Resistances:strong vs cold, average vs slashing, Weak vs blunt, weak vs fire

Movement: Moderate

Work: This creature has a good deal of intelligence due to the cultists magic. Because of this the Ice Scorpion will be able to research, patrol your dungeon, and train in the barracks

Entertainment:this creature was born to serve and kill, it doesn't seek entertainment

Special Needs:it likes to get paid a nice big wage

Upgrades: If the Ice scorpion kills about 10 cold based creatures it gets a nice buff that lasts for about a minute. The buff is a chilling cloud that surrounds the ice scorpion with a moderate radius. The cloud slows enemies that come in contact with it.

Cold Damage: the ice scorpion can inflict cold damage even with melee attacks

Chill Water: when moving through water the scorpion can chill it, slowing enemy movement speed


Stinger: attacks with stinger dealing moderate slash damage and average cold damage (the stinger does more damage but its slower and has an average cooldown)

ice spikes: the scorpion shoots out 3 sharp ice spikes from its stinger (each seeking a different target) and inflicts average damage. The spikes remain impaled in the victim for about 20 seconds, the spikes will constantly inflict low ice damage and lower his/her strength and speed by 25%.

chill bomb: the scorpion shoots out a bouncing orb that will explode in a few seconds. The explosion will do average ice damage but chill enemies, lowing their strength and speed.

Appearance: A scorpion made entirely of ice. The scorpion is see through and a blue light emits from the scorpions body in order to give off the feeling that magic is all that keeps this creature alive.

Likes:cold/cultists/cold based creatures

Dislikes:it becomes uncomfortable around fire based creatures and doesn't like to fight near lava; the ice scorpion will still fight near lava but not as well, and will be more likely to retreat

Behaviour:The ice scorpion will usually hang around cultists since they were created by them. The scorpions do have intelligence but not as much as some higher up creatures, because of this the scorpions can't research if a cultist is not present. Having Ice Scorpions accompany Cultists in research does help speed the process.

-scorpions will train in the barracks and may even guard your dungeon a bit if it has nothing to do


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Aug 23, 2012
Having an elemental monster style creature sounds pretty good. That said, the fact the scorpion is made of ice does quite seem right to me given that the underworld doesn't seem especially icy to me. The same kind of creature set-up but with an element such as lava (hence perhaps a lava scorpion) would perhaps feel a little more appropriate given the dungeon setting. That said, given previous updates and the implications of permafrost (assuming this is still going ahead as a rock type) means that an ice creature might infact be right at home.
Jan 3, 2013
For some reason I hear one word when I read this - Skarner.

Since there will be Ember Demons who will be the fire creatures, there could be ice creatures too. I wonder how come DK series never had a scorpion creature, there was spider and beetle in DK1, but never scorpions. These guys could be added to a Dungeon Sim game and would fit the theme quite well.
Jan 10, 2013
For some reason I hear one word when I read this - Skarner.
Indeed! Although Skarner isn't made of Ice crystals but crystals just the same.
I'd think that a crystal scorpion grafted from the minerals of the underworld would be more appropriate to the theme. Other than that It's a nice creature and I really like it!

Lord of Riva

The Lord
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Dec 29, 2012
Since there will be Ember Demons who will be the fire creatures, there could be ice creatures too.
if you look into the vein of sloth upgrade youll see that we already have an ice creature, the frost weaver ;)

adding this now
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