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[Underlord Creature] Mastermind

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Feb 12, 2013

Mastermind is a controller\debuffer that can stay behind meatshield. the idea is to have a minion, who can stop charging tanks and give ohter minion time to deal damage. His magic resistance aura can help in fighting magic damage dealers. And to fill high-intellect creature, who would not be suitable for research.

From the deepest corners of the dungeons most foul comes Mastermind. Horrible abomination whose only goal is to control. Control everything, everyone, by every means possible. Many argue if the creature is a beast or really sentient being, for Mastermind show no interest in knowledge. They rather control the researcher, than drain him of his knowledge. Yet they extract the information, but of only one kind - backdoors and hidden passages to sneak into and lauch a surprise attack on unsuspecting victim. And in the end, everything serves one singular agenda - to enslave and dominate.

Appearance image:

Stats: (Remember: Avoid using numbers for statistics. Use general terms, such as "low", "very low", or "high".)

Health: Low
Armor: None
Movement Speed: Average speed
Attack strength: Average
Attack speed: Slow
Intelligence: High
Construction: Bad
Training Rate: Moderate
Training Cost: High
Wage: Average
Gender: none.

Skills and Abilities:
Collective Thinking - grow in power if other Masterminds nearby.
Brainwaves - grant weak magic resistance to nearby minions, growing in power with each Mastermind nearby.
Malicious Intellect - increasing area of influence when "working" in Brooding intellect.
Brainwash - can brainwash imprisoned\fallen hero\creature and turn it into obedient slave.
Mindreading - Can extract map\trap information from tortured creatures\heroes.
Level 1: Mindblast - weak ranged ability with microstun.
Level 5: Mindbreak - force creature\heroes in a very small aoe to fight each other.
Level 8: Thought Control - gain control over single enemy creature that will fight for you for a limited time.
Alternative possible skills:
Level 1: Mindslash - Deals damage. Magic users suffer more damage depending of their intellect.
Level 5: Mindblank ssion - Prevents magic user from casting spells.
Level 8: Telepathic assault - Single target Paralization attack. Paralisis lasts as long as Mastermind maintains concentration. I.e. channelled spells mechanics.

Enslaved Thrall: Creature
Weak creature, a result of Brainwash ability. Always follow their Mastermind and fetches it piglets and other items(if such would be possible), also serve as a meatshield by throwing themselves on enemies if they try to get in melee with Mastermind. Anyway, easily killed. No more than 2 Thralls per mastermind possible, and second one could be gained only after Mastermind reaches level 7. Can't level and the only ability is to take percentage of damage for Mastermind.

Weak in melee,
Resistant to magic.
Very weak vs ranged physical, like arrows.

Information: Mastermind starts as a Brooding Intellect worker, increasing area of influence. And continues as a controller who can protect your minions from magical barrage. Also, it may spread chaos among enemies , especially if they come in great clustered numbers. Weak and vulnerable, it requires constant protection and meatsheild to hide behind. they are extremely rare and thus, it will be very hard to get more than 3 o them, 5 should be extremely high number for this type of minion.

Appearance: Mastermind may look like floating brain and resemble Zoanthrope from Warhammer40k universe, or floating Sectoid-like creature with huge cranium and weak body.

Behavior in Dungeon:
Mastermind prefers to hang near Brooding Intellect or prison, if someone is imprisoned. They tend to gather in a group to get Collective Thinking bonuses. Sometimes, if someone is being tortured, they can get near tortured person and extract map information from them - when torture starts Mastermind comes near and may play some animation and increases the chance of map\trap info extraction.

Battle Style: Almost pure support, Mastermind tries to stay behind meatshield-role creatures as much as possible.

Jobs: Meddling near Brooding intellect is by far most favorite job. Assisting in tortures is second and researching is least preferred from intellect-based jobs to represent Mastermind more beastial nature - it's more into control than research and knowledge.

Loves: Being around powerful fighters, being near other Masterminds, having two thralls, having Brooding Intellect nearby, having someone in prison.

Hates: Getting into melee, destruction of Brooding Intellect, being unprotected.

Anger reaction: Dissatisfaction reaction is reducing effectiveness of Brooding Intellect.
Anger reaction is projecting his thoughts to other minion, making them dissatisfied and angry in turn.

Lair: A nest is a disgusting pulsating throne where Mastermind's huge brain\cranium can rest.

Obtainable By: Attracted to dungeon through your portal.

Attracted by: Brooding Intellect
Feb 3, 2013
Johannesburg, Gauteng
I think someones been playing C&C3 and RA2:p

Im a little worried with the enslaved thrall ability on how it works (proberly just me). Will the thrall be its own type of creature (created when the creature 'dies' from the ability) so you dont look after it or is it the captured creature which you still have to look after?
Feb 12, 2013
I kept in mind DK2 mechanic, where one creature were replaced by another - heroes replaced by skeletons. So Mastermind could just approach prison and then simple if-then-else mechanic can launch.
If Creature type humanoid and in prison, then change creature type to Enslaved thrall
No need to create new skin for every hero - that's just unrealistic - simply replace it with standart zombie-like model.
Also, thrall creation could be considered as a kind of additional payment for mastermind. in other words - you are paying in prisoners.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
actually i like it ... im not sure about the thralls though i could surely profit more from these heroes ...

adding it


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
Zoanthropes? IN MY WFTO? EXTERMINATUS!!!111

To be honest, I think the suggested abilities may be slightly unbalanced. Mindbreak, for instance, might easily get out of hand if you have multiple Masterminds and use them to keep the strongest enemy creatures in a stun-lock of sorts. The same applies to Thought control. If anything, Masterminds should either be very rare, or you would have to set a certain hard-limit regarding how many enemy creatures you can confuse/control at the same time.

Also, why would you use "Brainwash" when Prisons/Graveyards/Torture Chambers already do something near-identical on their own, given enough time? I may or may not make sense if they speed up the process (long are the wailing curses of those who wait for the Lord of the Land to join your cause)
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Feb 12, 2013
I pointed that Masterminds should not be numerous and small numbers like 3 would be optimal.
Mindbreak could last several seconds, so enemies may deal some damage to each others and not be permanently undrer control.
Brainwash provide Masterminds with additional protection in form of thralls.
I can think of some alternative skills for this creature.


WFTO Backer
Jan 13, 2013
We already have the Oculos or whatever. I don't think I really want any more tentacle creatures...

This game is British, not Japanese! LOL

But yeah, I'm not really for it, but who knows, many others might be.
Likes: Lord of Riva
Jan 7, 2012
Well if you think about it how else is a mastermind suposed to look? Giant floating futurama (i love that show) styled brains?
Metroid like design, mantis-like creature with brainy head, srampy demon with brainy head, yog sothoth miniature...

I like this creature, but it seems like the oculus will already take a similar position, because mind attacks where annaunced for him.
Beside that the thrall abillity seems to be a bit op, because it already can make enemys fight against each other or control/paralyze them to get out of reach of melee attacks.
With powerful high level thralls (level rstriction) this could be a bit too much protection, if the thralls are heavily nerved, a player could get in the situation of having a useful enemy creature he wants as corpses or converts wasted to a mastermind.
Feb 12, 2013
Well, it can look anyway you like, as now it is not even beta.

As for thralls, I never expected them to level, just act as a meatshield with some hp. I.e. Mastermind creates thrall and that thrall remains with fixed stats. Also, Mastermind can create them from his lair if prisoner system would be too complex.
Feb 12, 2013
With latest livestream finished the mastermind could be used as an upgraded version of Oculus in similar ways as Cultist's evolution. This, in fact may solve a lost of problems, like creature numbers
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