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[Underlord creature] Onryō

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The onryo is a dead woman scorned. Wronged in life, she has returned from beyond to unleash her terrible rage. The narrator will not announce her presence, you will know she’s here by the strange rattling sounds she makes with her throat. She is a fearless fighter, and will also research when not training. She does not need food or entertainment. Her primary weapon is her clawed hands.

Faction: Underlord

Type: Other

Role: Tank

Acquired By: Not sure of this yet, probably something related to graveyards and necromancy

Basic Attack: Melee

Offensive Power: weak

Defensive Power: Strong

Resistances: Poison

Movement: Moderate

Work: Train, Research

Entertainment: None

Special Needs: To be kept away from female-specific creatures

Upgrades: None


Blocked, but not harmed by running water.


Level 1: Claw attack

Level 5: Dread: sending out an aura of fear three tiles around her that can paralize enemies for up to 3 seconds. This will not work on some enemies.

Level 10: Teleportation (can overcome running water at this point)


Appearance: Basically think Grudge, Ringo and F.E.A.R. She’s a pale, skinny girl whose face is always obscured by long messy hair. Oh...and really long claws on her fingers.

Likes: Nothing. Her life sucks

Dislikes: Women. She is jealous of them.

Behaviour: She led a hard life when living, and thus is jealous of women who fared better. This means she has little tolerance for female-specific minions like the succubus. Keep her in a separate living quarter to avoid her attacking them.
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