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[Underlord Creature] The Amaranthine

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Jan 7, 2013
A mysterious spellcasting creature that seems to have control over its surroundings, and can manipulate it as it sees fit. No-one is quite sure where it comes from, what its original purpose was or why it has chosen your dungeon as its next home, but if used correctly, it can bring some devastating support to the table.
Key Stats
Highlight: Environment-manipulating spellcaster.
Faction: Underlord
Type: Intelligent
Role: Fragile Offensive/Support Caster
Acquired By: Archive as well as foundry
Basic Attack: Ranged Random Damage Type Weak.
Offensive Power: Weak
Defensive Power: Medium
Resistances: Above-average vs All
Movement: Slow
Work: Archive
Entertainment: Researching, combat.
Special Needs: No sleep or food required.
Upgrades: Increases area of effect on spells as well as decreases cooldown, for each spell cast
Trait Name: Hovering. The Amaranthine floats above the ground, and therefore any environmental effects like lava are ignored by the Amaranthine.
Trait Name: Elemental Veins. Adds a random debuff on basic attacks, including slowing, increased damage from other sources or decreased damage output.
Ability Name: Flame rupture. (Level 2) Causes the ground to rupture, creating lava that slowly spreads over the area of effect and then recedes, giving all bonuses or penalties associated with this. Useful for exploiting your lava-resistant creatures, especially if your opponent has a lack of such
Ability Name: Earthen wall. (Level 5) Creates a wall across 3-5 tiles at the targeted area. Useful for forcing enemies into melee combat or for escaping.
Ability Name: Pitfall. (Level 8) Causes the ground to crumble and collapse, randomly making tiles into pitfalls. Any creature that is situated on these tiles will fall to their death, unless it is flying/hovering. Useful if you have a large flying army or need thin out a large army.
Appearance: A red, brown or black-robed creature that carries a spellbook which it seems like it is constantly reading. Floats a bit over the ground, the only visual part of its body is its hands, carrying the book. Its feets and face are covered by the robe.
Likes: Research, wide varieties of environments, solitude, frequent spellcasting.
Dislikes: Crowded dungeons.
Behaviour: Ignores all creatures, researches at most opportunities.

Ben Chandler

Impassibly Cool
WFTO Backer
Jan 23, 2013
Think it's cool. But surely way over powered. I mean, I like that it has control over environment, but can I suggest making it less awesome!
Jan 7, 2013
It should be noted that to make great use of this caster, you have to have a fairly tailor-made army. If you just use abilities without really thinking about it, or not making your army to match it, it will hurt you as much as it will help you, if not more. And making very specific creatures (Like flying or lava-resistant) is exposing yourselves to allowing the enemy to exploit it your lack of flexibility.
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