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[Underlord Creature] The Eidolon

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Jan 7, 2013
A spearman that focuses on the defensive, and gains great bonuses when defending, especially in their own territory. Using a spear that is able to keep opponents at bay, and a tower shield that provides excellent defense against enemies, a solid force of these can keep a far larger army of enemies at bay.

Picture (Closest I could get, to the right)

Key Stats
Highlight: Defensive melee unit.
Faction: Underlord
Type: Intelligent
Role: Sloth-based tank as well as support for archers.
Acquired By: Foundry and training pit.
Basic Attack: Low damage cutting
Offensive Power: Weak-medium.
Defensive Power: Very high
Resistances: High vs All
Movement: Slow-Medium
Work: Training.
Entertainment: Tavern/Training
Special Needs: Nothing special.
Upgrades: Extra increase of health at level up.

Trait Name: Legion. The Eidolon gains increased block chance based on the amount of friendly Eidolons near it. Bonuses cap at 5 Eidolons.
Trait Name: Patriae. When fighting in its own territory, Eidolons gain increased weapon range, hit points and regeneration. Bonus is doubled when in 3 tiles range of Dungeon Heart.
Ability Name: Stalwart. (Level 3) The Eidolon adopts a defensive stance that prevents enemy movement in the two tiles to his left and right. The Eidolon is fixed in a 90 degree arc of turning and is not allowed to move until the stance is broken. Can only be cast in own territory.
A = Free tiles
E = Eidolon
X = Blocked tiles
Ability Name: Pierce (Level 4). The Eidolon jabs at the enemy, hitting the enemy in front of him and the first enemy behind (If within range), dealing high damage and pushing them back 1 tile. Enemies are slowed by 20% after the ability is used.
Ability Name: Counter-charge (Level 9). The Eidolon readies himself, causing the next attack against him to be parried, dealing average damage to the attacker and pushing all enemies 1 tile in front of The Eidolon back 2 tiles. After the attack has been parried, the Eidolon may then activate the ability again to pursue the original attacker, dashing to the unit and stunning him, while also giving all friendly units nearby 100% movement speed for 3 seconds and 10% attack speed for 10 seconds.
Appearance: A thin unit with plate and chainmail armor, with a large tower shield and long spear. Human-like, although looking very sickly and malnourished.
Likes: Training, staying at home, defensive combat.
Dislikes: Leaving home territory.
Behaviour: Patrols the dungeon when it has nothing else to do. Investigates potential threats.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
adding this to the underlord Creature section (ven though it could work for empire as well...) Any Pics at ahnd to make more clear how you see it?
Jan 7, 2013
I think it's supposed to be some kind of demon maybe? I'm not sure myself. The name isn't really the most important bit :)


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Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
A very interesting idea, albeit I think that the Eidolon, should it or something based on it be added to the game, would require an awful lot of fine-tuning. Otherwise, you might end up in situations where situations evolve into attrition wars, with both players' armies exclusively consisting of a row of Eidoli and a bunch of squishy spellcaster units in the rear.
Jan 7, 2013
Note that it won't have much power outside of it's own lands. Compared to other melee creatures like the Black Knight, or its replacement, it will not win outside of its own territory. And if your casters or archers is your only damage source (As the Eidolon does almost no damage on its own) then you will easily be countered. As its passive and it's defensive stance only works within its own territory, and its offensive abilities are almost only utility, it will not be able to do much beyond defend an entrenched position within your own territory. It is not a unit you can win the game with, essentially, only prolong it enough for your other units to do the good stuff.
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