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[Underlord Creature] Umbral

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Underlord Vulukai

WFTO Backer
Mar 11, 2013
The Void
"It is a cursed day that the darkness itself rises in service of our enemy."-Templar of Kira to a guard...

Stealth unit to fill the role of a rogue.
Faction: Underlord
Type: Intelligent
Role: Flanker/DPS
Acquired By: Shrine/Temple+Tavern
Basic Attack: Melee/Magic Damage/Fast
Offensive Power: Strong against non magic resistant
Defensive Power: Strong vs physical, weak against magic
Resistances: High Physical Resistance, Poison Immunity, Bleed immunity, low magic resistance
Movement: Fast
Work: Training, boosting faith via temple
Entertainment: Awaiting praise in the temple, pranks in the tavern on other minions.
Special Needs: Does not require food, needs sleep and entertainment regularly, without gets agitated very quickly.
Upgrades:Soul Suck: gains 3% to size and damage for each enemy of same level or higher slain, up to +15% (will need real game number balance for good gameplay)

Citizen of the Abyss: A true being of darkness, this creature bolsters the faith of creatures in your dungeon who see it as a messenger of the Dark Gods themselves.
The Stuff of Shadow: 33% chance that physical attacks miss entirely, on top of high physical resistance even when hit. Takes 33% more damage from magical attacks however,

Ability Name:
Shadow Jaunt: The Umbral blinks between up to 3 enemies within 5 tiles, striking each and automatically critically striking the last enemy if 3 are hit.
Ability Name: Fade: The Umbral fades into the ether between worlds, becoming undetectable by all enemies other than other Umbrals, Witch Doctors who share a special connection to the shadow world, and Priestesses, who have trained to detect unholy beings. Effect dissipates on attacking, and the first strike made while Faded will always hit for true damage.
Ability Name: Soul Pierce: The Umbral stikes directly at an enemies essence, lowering all resistances by 30%, slowing the enemy by 15%, with a high chance that the enemy will panic. Creatures immune to panic will still have resistances lowered, and will still be slowed for the duration (balanced number)

Behold Underlord.... an Umbral has risen from the depths of the blackest abyss to serve in your dark crusade. The temple has attracted this creature, and he seeks some small homage in it in return for service. These beings are shadow incarnate, and as such will not be susceptible to physical harm. Beware enemy spells though, as these ethereal beings are especially sensitive to magic. Should you not provide the necessary tribute in the form of worship, these creatures tend to play insidious pranks on other, undeserving minions.


Likes: Being worshipped by creatures in the Temple, hanging around the tavern.
Dislikes: Witch Doctors (who know too much), not having a tavern, not having a temple
Behaviour: Generally spends time in either the Tavern or Temple, but will train or research if placed in either room. Will not work the foundry, being incorporeal and unable to smith. Likes to hang around in the Tavern playing pranks on creatures, decreasing happiness of those creatures, but only if there are no creatures currently worshipping in the Temple, otherwise goes to the Temple to receive praise.
Jan 3, 2013
Looks good. I'm not sure if there will be any shadow creatures in the game, except WD, after all, holy creatures of Empire need a punch bag for their flashy light spells. :3

Underlord Vulukai

WFTO Backer
Mar 11, 2013
The Void
Looks good. I'm not sure if there will be any shadow creatures in the game, except WD, after all, holy creatures of Empire need a punch bag for their flashy light spells. :3
i more or less accept with the way the Witch Doctor looks that he may end up being the only thing close TO a shadow unit, but his affiliation with spirits and over all aesthetic do lend toward him possibly being that.
Jan 7, 2012
Nice one,
But the "fade" abbylity seems a bit generic.
In classic pen&paper games shadow creatures have often the abyllity to overtake and mimic someones shadow to stalk them until they recocnise that their shadow acts weird.

Maybe they could instead blend into an enemys shadow with the same benefits and the detection drawback, but without the direct movement control.
If the ubral happens to blend into a fleeying creatures shadow, said unit wont have much chances to escape and giving the ubral an easy kill and carrying it to a safer(?)place than the battlefield.
With this mechanic it cant be abused in possesion and could lead to more a interestingi invisibily abbility.
(if you want to spy an enemys dungeon you have to find an enemy retreating into it firstly)

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
like your idea here [email protected] :D

i like shadow creatures it has some real potential still i dont like "stealth" creatures in these kinds of games since with the possession spell it can be abused very easily or just be worthless without.

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