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[Underlord creature] Unseelie

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Blood Imp
Apr 30, 2012
Name: Unseelie
Health: Low
Attack: High
Armour: Low
Accuracy: Very High
Agility: medium
Speed: High
Luck: High
Recovery Rate: Medium
Intelligence: medium
Construction: High
Training Rate: Medium
Training Cost: High
Wage: Depends on level of unit
Gender: Female

Level 1: Melee, crystal sword
Level 3: Elfshot (Stuns enemy for 10 seconds) - Increases the stun duration by 5 at level 5 and 10 and increases the damage of the attack every level.
Level 5: Winter aura (Nearby enemies are slowed) silver mist spreads outward from unit for 30 seconds.
Level 7: Blink (Teleport short distance)
level 10: Dark Crystal (Summons two male Unseelie soldiers) The crystal remains until destroyed and replaces both soldiers after they are destroyed. Only one crystal may be created at one time.

Passive Effect: Weakness to attacks made with Iron weapons. After being struck in melee combat all magical abilities suffer 15 secs of cool-down.

Information: A member of the Unseelie court, evil fey creatures motivated only by their selfish desires. This highly magical warrior sides with the forces of darkness as a convenient means of increasing her own wealth and power, thereby improving her standing among the court.

Behavior in Dungeon: Will reluctantly guard dungeon. Prefers to attack weakened units. Will spend the majority of her time researching or relaxing.

Battle Style: Sniper, Blitzer

Jobs: Guarding, training, researching

Obtainable By: portals.

Hates: Imperial units, bright lights, Iron, fire element units.

Loves: gold, fighting, killing hated units, leveling up

Anger reaction: Will attempt to "steal" an upgrade from the library and then leave the dungeon.

Lair: Crystal pedestal which it meditates on.

Appearance: http://www.eva-widermann.de/i/206.jpg

Attracted by: Large amount of gold and the presence of hated units.

Entrance Effect: Crystals burst up out of portal and the Unseelie warrior steps out from the crystal.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
Unseelie is a wierd name:D
its british folklore nothing strange about it ;)

Kinda the historical elves.

well what should is say : its the normal sniper unit like you describe it ... you could probably look over the stats again...
Its ... too strong in my opinion high attack, very high agility and Speed, high construction and intelligence and since its a ranged fighter the low health and armor are not that of a drawback


Blood Imp
Apr 30, 2012
Yeah after looking it over it seems too powerful even as a late-game unit. The main idea is that the cost of training and upkeep would be prohibitive to an Underlord lacking aggression and or gold. You have to provide plenty of their hated enemies to fight and the gold cost increases alongside their level. Not doing so will anger them making them leave.
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