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Unit idea: naga

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basic idea: naga are large "anthro" snakes that live in beast dens built near lava or other heat sources (including foundries.

APPEARANCE IMAGE: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/4e/1d/c4/4e1dc45c318322a2a147a22820217374--lost-people-humanoid.jpg(image from google search: searched anthro snake DnD)

Key Stats
Type: Intelligent
Role: ranged tank/ melee fighter.
Acquired By: advanced beast den near lava or foundry (with in 2 tiles) (though it isn't a beast)
Basic Attack:
Bites at enemys
Offensive Power: strong
Defensive Power: moderate
Movement: Fast
: NA
Entertainment: pit fighting.
Special Needs: eats a lot of micro piglets, may eat prisoners.

distributed weight/ shimmering scales: is not attacked/harmed by traps with exception to ones that spawn creatures or doors.
lava swimmer: can move in lava with out being harmed/ moves a lot faster in lava(and water but that is boring so it isn't "told")

devour: will atempt to eat anything smaller then it (loves dwarves). basic funtion is an instant kill to workers and smaller enemies that are 3 or more levels bellow them, or in the prison.
acid spit: gained at level 5, spits venom at targets lowering their defense good against traps. (Ranged)
hypnotic gaze: locks a single target into a trance (ranged)

: a giant snake with arms. is armed with a bow.
Likes: pit fighting, eating dwarves, taunting workers, lava bathing, and watching dwarves burn.
Dislikes: bafus, beast masters trying to train them, crackpots, swimming through water.
Behavior: Naga act similar to most beasts with a few differences for one they will regularly enter prisons to eat if you have prisoners if else they can quickly deplete a 3x3 micro piglet area. they also enter the fighting pits willingly and may even drag other units into the pits to fight.

Yes I know it is likely way to late for any ideas to be concidered but I was bored and its been a long time sense I posted here.
Likes: john hoskins
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