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[unit] Specter/Phantom/Banshee

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Jan 22, 2012
Name : Specter/Phantom/Banshee

Health: Moderate
Attack: Moderate
Armour: Low
Accuracy: Moderate
Agility: Very high
Speed: fast
Luck: Moderate
Recovery Rate: Low
Intelligence: High
Construction: Very low
Training Rate: Slow
Training Cost: High
Wage: upper moderate
Gender: Depends

1 Meele
4 Decaying/Frozen touch [lower hp and\ordefenses / Freezes target solid]
8 Frozen scream [freezez targets ina cone AoE in front of creature requires small channel 0,5-1,5 s ? ]

InformationA spirit type of undead. Almost immune to physical harm. It preffer to haunt the realm in search for the heroes, but when enemy is not present, it donates knowledge of it's previous life. While beaing very usefull in battles vs heavily armored meele beings it is extremelyvulnerable to *priest style creatures/heroes* who can easily banish this creature in 1-2 hits. Also it is destroyed when health reaches 0 [ i mean like skeleton :( ] Behavior in Dungeon: It usually walks around looking for living creatures (

Battle Style: Blitzer who's primary role is to disable enemy supporters and/or make defenders easier to kill.

Jobs: Scouting, researching praying.

Obtainable By: Torture chambre

Hates: Heroes [it is jealous :3 ] fire light

Loves: Graveyards, undead, killing heroes [:3] darkness *chilly areas*

Anger reaction: It tries to freeze working creatures, teams up with other undead to kill all who live

Lair: Grave marker

Appearance: ghostly image of creature from which it was created / Ghostly figurine in rags

How Introduced: Introduced when 1st creature dies in torture chamber / met on old battlefield

Attracted by: Either big massacre [kill many heroes and let them decay on floor outside graveyard (maybe even in lair ?)] or from torture victims

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Can't be tortured

Mentor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] *Ahh yess. Your evil deed twisted pure soul of hero to that of wicked *???*. It will reside within your dungeon and help you wipe of whole realm of anything that lives.*

PS. Hello :)
Nov 23, 2011
Gold Coast Australia
I think this creature is already included dude and I think they have called it a Ghost ;)

Although technically I don't think anything is really confirmed ATM I have to admit I'd go with Banshee as the name especially if it's a female spirit and she screams alot.

This creature would obviously have to come onto the scene the exact same time as say a Monk or Priest to counteract her other wise I can see the Banshee/Phantom/Specter being a little to powerful seeing how she would be almost immune to physical attacks, so a dungeon full of Banshee's would own any thing that wandered into your dungeon unless they had a holy man with them, which I'm guessing most other enemy Keepers wont. So on Keeper vs keeper lvl's it would just be about who can attract the most Banshee's the quickest and pwn the other keeper.:rolleyes:
Jan 22, 2012
Well i don't know much about this game yet.
Generally i wanted *name* to be somewhat hard to aqquire with very troublesome character.
My idea was generally a creature which can be used mostly for a counter measure to a specific strategy + make it different to ghost from DK who was mostly anti-magic support unit imo.
Like in DK2 D.Knight rush is absurdally strong strategy with pretty much no counter unless you posses more D.Knights than your enemy.

About the name i had some problems tho because i could not think which "name" suit it best.
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