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Up dates


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
WFTO is in maintenance mode now and the only updates we'll rolling out will be necessary bug fixes whenever we can bring the resources together to do so.

Though we certainly hate to move on and there's a lot we'd love to do in Kairos we've got a new project to work on and not enough able bodied imps to go around!
Jan 3, 2013
While updates probably won't happen, Map making scene is still sorta active with some good maps being published on Workshop.

Steam WFTO Workshop <= This is the link to the workshop. Even if you don't have control over your account of have trouble with steam, you can still open it in the browser and check the maps out. I'm quite sure you will find something interesting there. Once you find one, you may try to contact the map maker and ask him/her to share the map here.

Also there is a regular WFTO map spotlight, which contains maps selected by Devs and put together for everyone to download. I'm not sure if those maps get updated though, but the version included in pack surely is playable at least.
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