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v0.7.3.3 Feedback


Feb 18, 2015
Picking up gold
Wouldn't it look better outlining the gold?

Creatures walk through obstacles
Make hit boxes around things like this?

Big models
Make the ceiling higher like in DK2? higher ceilings would look more impressive IMHO.

Also like to point out that the game looks and feels great.
However, it's been crashing randomly. I filed a crash report and hope that it get's fixed before the final version.
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Mar 25, 2015
sorry for google-translator))

Lost in today WftO version 0.733, sense of ambiguous. Playing in the demo campaign, nostalgia and delight, as soon as you come into the skirmish, just go down to the ground.

Of the benefits:
a) The spirit and atmosphere of the old DK.
b) It is interesting innovations.

Of the minuses:
a) Weak balance beings. HP depends only on the class of creatures - 100/350/500, the level and type is not important, because the game is one tactic - attack a crowd of low-level creatures, not the domestication and cultivation of strong units.
b) Disgusting optimization. The game is relatively smoothly goes to the campaign, but manages to slow down even on low settings in skirmish.
c) The most powerful and bold minus - gold mining, digging tunnels, research and development as a whole, occur incredibly fast. It kills in the game concepts such as planning and search. If the original DK / DK2 to the best buildings and creatures had, on average, to grow about 1 hour, then there can be almost 5-10 minutes to reach the peak of development. This is very bad. Game-play turns into a convulsive and thoughtless clatter mouse.


Feb 1, 2014
Mutators will exist for altering things like research (which is currently fast for testing purposes) or even if fortified walls will be indestructible and there are many balance issues that are planned to be improved, its just that they didn't pay too much attention to them when there were still things to add. My personal problem is the fact that the ritual avarice is OP, but I hope that it can be improved.
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