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Very Late WftO Review


Blood Imp
May 6, 2016
Hello everyone. I recently bought the game after very long hesitation time, but I was keeping a close eye on all updates done to the game since game release. Big shoutout and thank you for such a incredible support throughout all those months and patches! Wish more companies would treat their games like this, oh well... onto the review!

Basic Info:
So far I've played around 20 hours. I've mostly focused on playing skirmishes against AI's and getting the feel for the game as well as beating all master AI's, haven't finished campaign yet (6 missions in), but I've done timed challenges for those so far and I'm really enjoying it.

As I haven't finished the campaign yet I won't be mentioning campaign review as of yet, I will however try to finish this section once I'm done.

The Great:
Creatures are varied, there's lots of different creatures, rooms, potions, defenses and constructs to chose from. Truly feels like good ol' Dungeon Keeper with new flashing lights and few very pleasant changes. I'm a huge fan of range of spells!

Skirmish feel and feedback:
This is the main selling point for me, unlike campaign (which I think is the most important for most people).
I have to admit that the gameplay is greatly affected by the map. There's lots of variety when it comes to maps -- really good! However it seems there are some tactics, as well as gameplay desicions which hinder some of more creative gameplay possibilities and fast & furious tactics such as behemot rush are very efficent. First thing which comes to my mind is: map. The amount of free room to build, as well as amount of gold, shrines, underworld portals - it all affects gameplay greatly, however it seems to be that most of shrines are incredibly powerful.


Mana shrine, foundry shrine and sin shrine - those are my three candidates. While interesting they seem very snowbally to me - sure, it makes you want to fight for them with all of your breath, but being in control of mana shrine, especially on smaller, fast-first-contact maps it has insane impact, as you can lighting bolt most of creatures to death, free of charge - basically. Foundry shrine lets you do the similar, by ignoring foundry and chuddlers and making lots of defensive structures, quickly. Sin shrine - I would actually call it a viable 'counter' to very fast sin production provided by obey/work-a-lot potion room full of cultists.

Underworld gateway:
My only issue with this is the size of said underworld gateway - each one is as valuable as the previous one, having 1 or 2 more than your opponent puts you in a great advantage. I would really like to see a smaller variant of underworld gateway, which is able to summon, say half of standard population attracted by underworld gateway. This way maps could become more varied, as well as providing more strategic options and making 'smaller' rewards on map viable.

I think bombardment and bone chiller, well of souls are fun, viable and great to use, however blade lotus - while perfectly fine in campaign and skirmishes against AI, it does not really do anything in multiplayer match (I could be wrong!). Gargoyle seems like a very, very hard to use properly and - somewhat easy to avoid, while being a very pricy defense.

The biggest problem with door is as always the same - they act as way to delay enemy attack or lock up your creatures in a room. The second use of it was the main reason to ever build door in Dungeon Keeper, most of the time. Door can be destroyed quite easily (I'm mainly speaking about wooden/portcullis) compared to replacement earth which is far superior defensive technique. I can't speak of Midas nor Glacial Door - I need to give it a solid testing beforehand.

Room's props efficency:
I would suggest checking out one interesting bit - instead of increasing prop's efficency to 150% make it 100% when room is 5+ walls supported and 50% (instead of standard 100% efficency) if there are no walls if you think dungeons should be more closed-up instead of opened-up, just a thought I wanted to share :)

Final thoughts:
I could write a lot more but unfortunately my english isn't very good, neither can I express myself fully, so instead I would like to thank you all for all of your hard work and making the game as good as it is right now, fixing all those bugs over months and months, thank you!
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