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War for the Underground is looking for you I guess.


WFTO Founder
Feb 6, 2013
New York, USA
Greetings dear War for the Overworld players,

You are probably wondering what this War for the Underground is. Is it another attempt in creating a War for the Overworld comminity and the answer issss.....





Well then what the heck is it then. Well I'll tell you then if I peaked your interest :)

Here it goes the story about a month ago I started playing Dirty Bomb game and joined a clan called Dirty Team and then some of the members decided to make their own discord server since the Dirty Team server was populated by too many children and we just didn't feel that the subjects we discuss are really children ready hence we decided to make our own discord server. Now the time has passed and we've gained some popularity well if you could say that indeed it's more of a closed group of friends now, more of a clique I guess. We are really small number but we are growing at a rate of one active member per three days. However, we don't like this pace hence I was slaited to do the dirty work of recruiting I'm not sure how that fits all my duties in the current situation; making a website and maintaining peace on the discord server but hey what the heck, currently I'm working from home so I'm always online anyways and I'm able to dedicate some time to the community that I am in.

So what's with the name you ask me. Well if you don't know I started a community on steam with Psycix called War for the Underworld and registered domain wftugame.com hoping that in the future it will pass and it didn't but I'd like to think that thanks to me and Psycix there was a tournament because I constantly nagged QA team and the developers about some ideas we had with some of the members of this community about leaderboards and other multiplayer things (you can read it all here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WFTU/discussions/1/618459297892701174/ ) that could improve the popularity of the War for the Overworld. SO EVEN IF THEY SAY THAT IT WAS THEIR IDEA I still would like to think that tournament was inspired by my words and I never got a credit for it but whatever I don't care too much I understand that the devs have their right to do whatever they want to and not listen to the community too much or perhaps better explanation is that they simply don't have that much resources to do the ideas we've come up with or the wits.

Nevermind my last couple sentences that's just a little rant from my personal side but I don't take anything personally so let's forget it shall we. Now back to the title of the thread shall we go back to it?

War for the Underground is looking for you

If you've read so far and didn't get bored kudos and congratulations then. I will explain what we are then after all :) just bear with me couple more minutes please.

War for the Underground is a microphone voice only on discord servers group with a recent developed website and forum and forum is complete we are just working to populate more stuff on the actually website and prettify everything for your liking and our satisfaction but we are human beings after all and it takes time. However, I digress but you if read the first paragraph of this post then you should get the jist of it we are a group of mic only mature people who play games together, watch movies together, listen to music together, play chess and overall different genres of games together,etc. We are really secretive about our link to our discord server and we would like you to apply to our group if you want to and meet these two requirements.

You can apply on our forum here http://wftugame.com/

P.S. Thank you very much for your attention here and if you are willing to join the community then good luck with your application.

P.S.S. We are not that scary as I painted the picture but I'm not going to waste time to rewrite :)
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