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WFTO Wednesday #119: War for the Internet

Mar 3, 2015
"The Grimoire of Minions by Fireeye
This week we’ve also seen a fantastic Steam community guide written by one of our most dedicated community members come to light. The brilliant Fireeye has assembled this astounding compendium of units for both the Underlord and Empire factions.

Chock full of flavourful writing and useful information we highly recommend any Underlord worth their salt giving it a good read! Check it out over on the Steam site!

That’s it for this week Underlord we’ll be back next wednesday with some more news on our upcoming updates."

Thats the best of the whole article :'D but why dont you put it on the WFTO homepage? >.<


Captain Graze Box
WFTO Founder
Dec 11, 2011
Scrapped for release. For lore reasons she wasn't going to be part of the campaign (no, I won't elaborate ;) ), and she wasn't worth the resources we needed to fully flesh her out. I'm hoping we'll be able to fit her in at some point though.
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