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WFTO Wednesday #15


WFTO Backer
Dec 15, 2012
And that oculus looks more smexy then the previous one indeed ;)

But yeah, all I see is this whinging about the Chunder, I think some people need to sit down and chill out and be grateful :)
Yea I was actually okay with the original design of the oculus but the remake is frankly amazing, in a disturbing tentacle fetish way it is eye porn to me... from purely a design point of view of course :p

So I am all for a debate on the Chunder as it is the replacement to the Bile demon and with me at least this guy has got quite the legacy, that guy was my favourite go to creature in Dungeon keeper, I swear when I first loaded the game and saw him flick the lord of the land like he was nothing in the intro I was mindblown (was very young and in no way has dungeon keeper influenced me as I have grown up to be a devious psychopath who likes bright colours to confuse and catch people offguard)
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Dec 25, 2012
Am I the only who likes the Chunder's design? He captures all the grossness of the bile demon without having the same fatass design, and the huge face in the middle of the torso gives it a good balance between cute and freakish. I agree with the arms looking a little out of place, but I don't know enough anatomy to figure out a way to fix them.
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