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What are your Favorite Free Games?


Aug 23, 2012

In addition to my passion for space games, dungeon games, and story-based shooter games, I do have a deep passion for a good old fashioned free game. So, what are your favourites?

My current favorite nominations are
-Star Conflict
-Ghost Recon Online


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
Free games... Well, prototypes and pre-alpha demos always catch my interest, does that count? Even though it always makes me sad, I still play the Death Inc. demo...

What are my favorite free games ?

..... probably battle for Wesnoth , tremulous , world of Padman
I know you're joking about the pirated stuff, but I couldn't help getting a little fright when I read that :D
What sort of game is Battle for Wesnoth?


Dec 3, 2011
Behind you
Free games... Well, prototypes and pre-alpha demos always catch my interest, does that count? Even though it always makes me sad, I still play the Death Inc. demo...

I know you're joking about the pirated stuff, but I couldn't help getting a little fright when I read that :D
What sort of game is Battle for Wesnoth?
Battle of Wesnoth is a turn base strategy game in which your goal is to kill the lord of the other player
your lord can recruit various units from his faction
to be able to buy these units you must control villages on the map
The game is based on terrain (some area are more effective then others ) a
Likes: Amon
Oct 2, 2015
If free with Xbox live subscription counts, Massive Chalice and Knight Squad were a lot of fun. Infact i bought an Xbox one for local 2 & 4 player multiplayer and was (outside masterchief collection) thoughly disappointed untill i got Knight Squad. Funny since the gameplay could easly be remade on a SNES.
Jan 9, 2014
Here is my list of great games that are also free:
Pixel Dungeon (Android), roguelike dungeon crawler that plays very well on mobile.
Tales of Maj'Eyal, great roguelike adventure RPG with tons of races and classes that play very differently.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, roguelike dungeon crawler that has evolved into a RPG with an old-school feel and some modern conveniences.
Dwarf Fortress, ultimate dwarven management simulation engine. Takes a massive time commitment to figure out and play, but pays off with massive amounts of fun.
Adventure Capitalist, idle game.
Clicker Heroes, idle game with an RPG theme.
Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries, was released free a while back. Search Mektek and/or "MW4 Mercs .0030 Hotfixes."
Battle for Wesnoth, already mentioned.
Robocraft, if you could use Lego bricks to build robots and fight with them, it'd be pretty similar to this.


Jan 3, 2013
Lately I have been immersed in 2 free to play games. One you can get from Steam and one you can play in your browser of choice.

Fallen London
: A slightly Lovecraftian themed gothic choose-your-own-story-esque free to play browser game that only requires registering (which is totally free). They claim they have more dialogue and text on that site than in three etire trilogies worth of unedited Lord of the Rings books.

Warframe: A free to play scifi space ninja FPS game from Steam that looks absolutely amazing and allows you to actually get everything in the game through playing. So even though it has a micro transaction system in place and you can skip a lot of content by using real world money, you CAN get everything you could through real world money usage by simply playing the game.

Then of course there is that one site where you can play hundreds of DOS games in your browser for free. Say SimCity 2000 for example. So I suppose that counts as well.
Aug 18, 2015
PlanetSide 2
I would even pay 60€ for it to play. It's a MMOFPS with non-stop battles, different terrain, Vehicle Fights, massive battles (supports over 1000 Player at onces), graphic looks gorgeous (but you can turn it down so that even low end PCs can run it), you have 3 different faction with are quite different to each other (not 100%, but 80%, what's a really good thing), plus it isn't pay to win.
And those night fights *__*, they looks so god damn awesome. I had a fight where we where fighting from early (ingame) morning to late (ingame) evening, and there were houndreds of soldiers are fighting from all different factions, at different lines, where Aircrafts where fighting above and/or supporting our troops. Clans where fighting against each other, squads where taking over positions and fighting back (Squad and Clan communication can be very helpfull in such fights, but even if you are a lonly wolf you can be very usefull, even if you are just cannon fodder).
Or if you just with your Squad taking a base and have smaller fights, it's allways awesome.
I freaking love shooters :3

Path of Exile
I loved to play Diablo II and this has exactly that what I liked about Diablo II, collecting Items, train and build your Character, smash through enemy hordes and the dark & evil foce :D
But the customization is way better then in Diablo II, you can have 2 Amazones and they can be completly different, if you want.
But if you want to play PvP it's pay to win (but I don't have interessed in PvP there, so fine by me)
It is an MMO, but I don't play it like that, I play it in SP and sometimes with friends.

Now and then you find some awesome free games at Origin
Like Battlefield 3, Dead Space, Dragon Age, C&C Alert Red 2 (incl. Yuri's revange), next game will be Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.

I also liked to play Warframe, TeamFortess 2, Neverwinter and BattleCats (Andoit Game) but after a while I got bored of these games.
Perhaps it's the 3rd Person perspective(I don't get into game's with 3rd Person perspective, even if they are awesome like WItcher 3) and the MMO aspect (I don't like MMO's!)
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Mar 19, 2019
Besides RPGs, i also love some flash games such as County Donut. You might think it's only for children. But, it's really good and enjoyable. Moreover, i also love playing Two Dots. These games are very convenient for me when i have to travel somewhere and i dont have my gaming laptop and a strong internet.
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