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What do you NOT want to see in WftO?


Dec 14, 2012
Trier, Germany
Well, I couldn't find any thread like this, so here is my own. (If there is one, sry, point me to it please and/or push my post over there)

I don't want to see...

- an avatar for the player(EDIT: apart from the dungeon heart ;) )!
I hate strategy-games apart from MOBA-games with an avatar for the player. The focus of those games is so much off the topic of building a fortress, base or dungeon. And it is often way to complicated to do things in the world(in games with avatars you often have to walk the avatar to a building to do something... normally you would just click on it, damn it!).

- too much micromanagement.
I like games with deep and complex management systems, but in a DK-like game it would just be very annoying.
For me that was one big advantage of DK. It was simple and you had the time to think about strategies, listen for hidden digging on the map or plan your dungeon. With time I mean, you weren't distracted by minor microanagement tasks, so that even in those levels with a timelimit you had time to plan and think.

- overexaggerated humor
I liked the humor in DK1, especially the descriptions of the areas on the overworld map.
DK2 was for me slightly over the top. So I hope they don't push it to much in that direction.

So, what do you think? What should not be in WftO?
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Dec 30, 2012
Ze Germany
But the Underlord allready has an Avatar - its called Dungeon Heart ;)

What I would like NOT to see

- Mission/Scenario type where you do not get any base but only a handful of units (none of which is a healer) to fight and enemy who in turn DOES have a very well built and managed base, complete with unending stream of minions and all. Of course, this not a real objection but rather a personal preference.

- Excessive use of pop culture references. Yes, they can be funny at times. Yes, I laugh at them at times. But if you do it like Borderlands II or dare to make the Narrator say "I can has Chickenburger, Underlord?", you crossed a red line. More importantly, should there be any, ANY reference to a certain TV show with speaking equines whose cursed name I shall not utter here, I will personally pay a visit to the responsible individuals and force them to play "E.T. the Extra-Terestrial" (Atari Version) for the entire rest of their wretched, miserable lifes......(again, a personal preference)
Jan 3, 2013
Too many similar Campaign maps. Doing the same objective over and over during campaign may make it too repetitive and boring.

Limited Skirmish Game options. The more you can manage in this mode the more different can your every next game be.

Spells of creatures that should be used by player. It will lead to unnecessary micromanagement and overcomplexed gameplay.


WFTO Backer
Jan 13, 2013
Personally I would want to see them steer away from the camp type humor in DK2 (Casino - Disco Inferno etc) and back to the dark humor of DK1 (slapping the chickens for dark thrills). If WFTO can pull off sick twisted dark humor, then I will be eternally grateful :D

The "Evil is good" tagline really applied to DK1.


WFTO Backer
Jan 3, 2013
building my dungeon
mana as upkeep for traps, i hate that part in DK2 because it's just extremely annoying to depend on mana to be efficient.

dig-able walls, there should be a reason why there is a wall and a reason why we have a spell to collapse them.

long stun duration, i can see why they should have some kind of stun when you drop them but i just can't stand it when i drop bile demons and they take around 10 seconds to finally do something useful.

traps that body block on lords, it's simply a design flaw in DK2 and i simply hated it when i placed a trap, took over a creature and be stuck because i can't get trough a trap i places my self while the rest just passes trough.

only 15 creatures per portal, i really don't see why the limit should be so low.


Ember Demon
WFTO Founder
Dec 18, 2011
No infiltrating enemy walls and breaking through them, because DK2 ruined the concept of a safe haven dungeon.
No official music from official bands (disco inferno was annoying)
No spamming/rushing with useless units on multi-player, I like a decent game not some cannon fodder round.
Jan 3, 2013
I don't want to accidentally knock down a wall, and then have no way to put it back up. The imps must do something with all that dirt, why not use it to build new walls?
Could have balance issues. There could be a spell that creates a wall on desired spot ( not on water, lava or any other non-player territory ) but I'm not sure how well it will work.
Jan 9, 2012
Scantily clad evil women

The same objective for every mission, in every DK game you had to kill the lord of the land, but if we cannot do overworld missions (I still think an evil genius away mission system would be cool.) then have some of the mission objectives hint at it. Rather than kill the Lord maybe make an objective controlling something of the Empire to let "your soldiers poised on the surface" to capture the land.


Sorry if it was previously said.
{Slowness, horny invocation, and cinematics} of Dungeon Keeper 2.


WFTO Founder
Dec 10, 2011
New York
I agree with the skirmish mode options. If there aren't that many "dials" to fine-tune, it might get boring eventually.

Oddly, what I really wouldn't be able to believe would be not included in the game, is the ability to remap every key on the keyboard. Some games can't even remap the enter key. I just don't understand that.

Without one's natural control scheme, it's like walking around in someone else's body. Sure, we already got used to being "human" but it just isnt' the same.
Definitely no avatar (aside from your dungeon heart and hand) for the Underlord. That can ruin a strategy game.

I actually prefer the humor in DK2 to 1. I don't want them pushing the dark humor too far so people who aren't of that persuasion can't enjoy it. The humor of DK2 was approachable. It was fun. And it was dark. But I can easily see certain people taking the humor in this game to a level that's simply inappropriate. Basically, if it's going to push away anyone who loved the DK series, it's not the right kind of humor.
The disco inferno in the casino was great.


WFTO Backer
Jan 13, 2013
No infiltrating enemy walls and breaking through them, because DK2 ruined the concept of a safe haven dungeon.
No official music from official bands (disco inferno was annoying)
No spamming/rushing with useless units on multi-player, I like a decent game not some cannon fodder round.
All three of these are on my list also, particularly your first point. I could spend hours tinkering with my dungeon to attract as many creatures as possible.
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