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What I'd like to see in the WFTO

You like some of my ideas ?

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    Votes: 7 46.7%
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    Votes: 8 53.3%

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Jul 10, 2014
Sorry for my English, to help in translation, i used web transaltors.

........:::: MY OPINION ABOUT WFTO ::::........
- very huge map, i see on youtube are nice
- creature of wizard look very nice (better then DK2), previous version your wizard was better on this dark
- creature of troll with hammer on head is very cool, i loved
- three imps can change wall to strong wall (in DK2 was one imp, and takes more time)
- goblin look suck (in DK2 was also suck), my version of goblin you can see in traning room
- rooms that don't have specific use, in DK2 don't was that rooms, all rooms have specific use
- rats in prison look like pigs, change color rats to gray or black with red eyes

........:::: WHAT NEW ::::........
We have rooms (color yellow), spells (color purple), doors or traps (color blue) and creatures, we need something new,
what do you say about products of rooms, mixtures (color green) and artefacts.
Mixture are uncovered in laboratory, like spells are uncovered in library.
To use mixture we need products like mushrooms, meat, coccon ants and herbs. This products also use to eat by creatures (is food).
Product in room is on the floor like traps in workshop, we can catch and drop products like gold, artefacts to.
If don't have place in room to food products, there are moved to pantry room by imps.
We have new products to build rooms or traps, there are wood (give dark forest), stone (give quarry) or iron (smith).
In Dungeon Keeper 2 each rooms have specific use and add new type of creature. Do not forget it.
I see that in WFTO have rooms that don't have specific use only give new creature.
DK is easy nice game, WFTO you do dificult. I end campagin in DK2 in two days.

........:::: GAME ::::........
- the possibility of backfilling the tunnel
- opportunity to build traps on the bridge
- possibility of building a room on the bridge
- hardening of the walls to the us no one could dig
- modify WFTO menu in DK2 was suck

........:::: ROOMS ::::........

- use like toilet for creatures
- shit is product to build ground walls
- give new creature skaven, weapon is shovel (if you don't know what is skaven look in Google)

- room remove fog from map, we see everthing or without this room we don't have map
- if your enemy use furnace room, you don't see some area on the map
- give new creature demon, you don't have demon yet in game


- gateway is shortcut for the creatures on two place or more place on the map
- when creature is hurt or dead, imp have short way, he goes to gateway and is teleporting to other gateway, where is nearby liar or graveyard

- creatures in this room are pray, that bring player more mana
- give new creature mummy

- dead creature is bring to live, level creature is keep
- give new creature heretic


- room create smoke who hide rooms in enemis map
- maybe to work need wood
- give new creature minotaur

- in laboratory research mixtures, room work like library but spells are replaced by mixtures
- if we have this room we can use mixtures
- when we use mixture there are automitic remove products
- give new creature frankestain, work in laboratory or workshop (not smith)

- give new creature witch, work in laboratory

dark forest
- give mushrooms as food for creatures and woods to build rooms, walls or traps
- room give us mushroom (to eat) and wood (to build)
- we can build wood walls
- give new creature werewolf, room only recall creature, he don't work in dark forest, you have vampire we need werewolf to

- give new creature mushroom, weapon is ax, role woodcutter, work in dark forest, give us wood

- give new creature dark elf (people loves elf, i don't), weapon is basket, role gather mushroom, work in dark forest, give us mushrooms

- room give us meat (to eat) from pig
- give new creature zombie, weapon chopper, work in slaughterhouse, give us meat

- room product cocoon of ants
- give new creature spider, work in anthills, give us cocoon of ants

- in this room are deadly plaints or weeds
- product of room is herbs
- give new creature dark fairy, work in garden, give us herbs

- room stored mushrooms, ants, herbs and meat if in product room don't have place, are moved here
- room is not visible on enemy map, only if enemy creatures walk closer
- if creature are in guard room, he can't move from him
- give new creature cerberus

trophy room (or monuments room)
- room stored artefacts, artefact works only if are in this room
- give new creature medusa, creature is guard of this room

prophesy room
- in rooms are ball to read the future or cards of tarots
- room show us where enemy strike and how long (difficult to do i think)
- give new creature sorceress

smithy (change existing workshop to this room)
- change ore to iron, product of room is iron
- we can build wall from iron
- give new creature dark dwarf (people love dwarfs, i love dwarfs), work in smithy or workshop

traning room
- modify creature goblin from green with shord to blue with shord and shield (existing goblin is to high and to skinny)

- give new creature lizard warrior

- change rock to stone, product of room is stone
- we can build wall from stone
- give new creature cyclop, weapon rocks, work in quarry, give us stone

workshop (new design room not like smithy)

- in this room are stuff like plans of traps and doors, maybe some machines do desgin, some wood models
- room uncover new doors and traps (like library with spells or laboratory with mixtures)
- dark dwarf work in this room
- frankestain work in this room
- don't produces traps or doors, only research doors and traps
- if we have this room we can build traps and doors (like library give use spells or laboratory give use mixtures)
- there are stored rock or ore here
- in this room creatures are healting when are drop to fontane
suicide room
- in this room are stuff like guillotine, gallows, barrels of water use to kill creatures
- we can kill enemis here and maybe we have creature nazgul to use (only one craeture of this type you can have)
- give new creature nazgul (name is from Lord of the Ring, you can change to dead), weapon is scythe

........:::: PRODUCTS ::::........
- products we can catch and drop, there are like gold
- maybe have resource from the wall rock and ore like gold
- product in room are on the floor we can catch them and drop
- when we find wood on the floor in dungeons we can catch and drop in dark forest then we have more woods, this work for all products
- all products can carry imp from one place to other
- maybe creature eat something food products

- we know how use
shit - manufacture is sludge
- use to build ground walls
wood - manufacture is dark forest
- use to build wood walls
- use to build doors and traps
- maybe to build rooms (wood bridge or bridge move to traps and doors)
rock -> stone (this is optional, can be without rock) - manufacture is quarry
- use to build stone walls
- use to build doors and traps
- maybe to build rooms (stone bridge or bridge move to traps and doors)
ore -> iron (this is optional, can be without ore) - manufacture is smithy
- use to build iron walls
- use to build doors and traps
- maybe to build rooms
mushroom - manufacture is dark forest
- use to mixture
- use to food for creatures
pig -> meat (this is optional, can be without pig) - manufacture is slaughterhouse
- use to mixture
- use to food for creatures
ants - manufacture is anthills
- use to mixture
- use to food for creatures
herb - manufacture is garden
- use to mixture
- use to food for creatures

........:::: WORKSHOP (DOORS AND TRAPS) ::::........
- if we have woods, stones and irons, then we can build what we want doors or traps, products are automic remove from room
- we don't need wait for build trap or door, this was suck in DK

........:::: MIXTURES ::::........
- mixtures are research in laboratory, like spells in liberty and traps in workshop

........:::: ARTEFACTS ::::........
- artefacts we can catch if is on our floor and drop in trophy room or other room

........:::: ENEMIS GATE ::::........
- we have two type of enemy gates
a) existing with enemis like knight, wizard, bowman, dwarf
b) new forest gate with enemis like enty, centauri, elf

........:::: EDITOR MAP ::::........
- without editor of maps game faster will be bored
- there was time when all games was have editor maps
- please make editor map (to DK2 i find editor to game in web, it was easy grid in 2D)
........:::: GAME INTERFACE ::::........

........:::: FROM THE AUTHOR ::::........

- DK2 drawback is that the game after a week ends up on the shelf, upon for such passionate as I am
- structure of the game DK exhausted almost all the possibilities so need something new what I gather my materials
- as you see, i have my add-ons to change DK2 not know what causes the EA you should not attach
- the documentation is not that good if i want to be, because i can't use my language polish
- much time was devoted to this documentation mainly on the fight of language, I hope the materials come in handy
- if you want more interesting ideas do not matter

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Feb 19, 2014
That was a long text, :)
You clearly have been thinking about this for a while. The main problem as I see it though is that many of your suggestions concern new units/rooms/resources to be added to the game. Although the game is not finished yet my guess is that most of those quite core parts of the game are locked down by the development team already. (Even though they are not implemented yet) So I don't think they are too keen on altering those parts.

But it was interesting to read about your ideas. :)
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Dec 18, 2013
That is not really a fair survey.
You asked whether we like SOME oft your ideas.
So yeah, I like some of your suggestions but the other 99% are very bad for a dungeon management game. Your suggested ideas would be nice in other games but however implementing these things in WFTO it would be terrible.
My vote: No!

Greetings, Marados

EDIT: I am sorry to be so harsh to you. I do not want to say your opinion is wrong. I just gave my opinion to this topic.
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Jul 10, 2014

What from my ideas you like (1%), then we know would you like ?

How many people so much opinion :)

I worried that the game will be something like The Settlers II 10th refresh old game Settlers 2 only for people who love game DK (many people say that WFTO is DK 2.1, refresh graphic, don't bring new things, this opinion are not my but agree).
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Dec 18, 2013
@atikei, i really liked:
- opportunity to build traps on the bridge
- possibility of building a room on the bridge
- hardening of the walls to the us no one could dig
- very huge map, i see in trailer on youtube are nice

It looks like you are suggesting these ideas because you do not have enough features, rooms, creatures, spells and other stuff.
Why should the Dev's implement a "new forest gate with enemis like enty, centauri, elf"? Better upgrade the current gateways. And I am sure they will be updated.
I would suggest you to join the patch preview branch. The newest updates include alot of new stuff. I hope you will enjoy it.

Greetings, Marados
Jul 10, 2014
For me the most important thing in game is:
- the possibility of backfilling the tunnel

It gives you the opportunity to redesign rooms or space for traps and doors.

Not all of my items are changing the game, give new opportunities to the existing architecture
(you see rooms like gateway, furnace or fontana)
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Jul 10, 2014
Why new forest gate with enemis like enty, centauri, elf ?

People loves that things, many people was sad when look on lair and see this same lair for all creatures (you see this flying creatures on the bed, people say f..k). Maybe this things what i write is now okey, i don't know :(

How you want do this hardening of the walls to the us no one could dig by spell ?

None of the sugest creatures you don't liked !
For me blue goblin, dark dwarf and skaven must be in the game :)
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Jul 10, 2014
All from my suggestion are "SUCK" :( I want only brings something new o_O

Goblin is his art :eek:

Respect someones work on your no one will :confused:
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Frost Weaver
Jan 19, 2013
Huddersfield, UK
All from my suggestion are "SUCK" :( I want only brings something new ;)

Goblin is his art :?

The Purple creature that is suck and looks like it was from spore is my art.

Your ideas aren't particularly bad... they just don't fit into WFTO very well, this isn't dungeon keeper or dungeon keeper 2 or even dungeon keeper 3.. this is a new game inspired by those games.
Jul 10, 2014
WFTO don't take no from fantasy world this is sad, you create own world, maybe that is better :mad: less players

- spider is on all of fantasy, you see Lord of the Ring, Hobbit or Harry Potter (okey you have creature who look like spider ;))

- dwarfs and elfs Warhammer, Warcraft, Lord of The Ring or Hobbit

- from greece mitology to

I understand that this creature don't pass to dungeon (i know many funs of Dungeons and Dragons, okey you don't need funs this game, funs of Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter and Warcraft you don't need, okey you have some new players and funs DK)

I am fun of DK ;)
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Apr 20, 2012
Worthing, West Sussex
I like your ideas @atikei , however they are all very complex, and the number of rooms and creatures you are suggesting is just huge, i think you have suggested as many additional rooms and creatures as there are in the game and double the content means double the development time, and it's already taken over a year to get to this point! You are suggesting adding in way too many mechanisms such as using several types of resource. the single gold resource in WftO is an important part of the game, to make it accessible and not overly complex.

Anyway, i am glad you are excited about the game. perhaps you may also be interested in Dwelvers which is another DK inspired game, and is more complex, and has multiple resources etc,
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Jul 10, 2014
Wow, Dwelvers have some of my ideas i think. I first see this game. But this game are for young players.

I know that my ideas gave twice more rooms and creatures but WFTO have huge maps and game is more dificult because we don't have only two resources mana and gold.

time to create something unique worth your time :rolleyes:

In trailer on your front page of game, some voice tell us 1 000 rooms :p I know he don't said unique :oops:

Okey i wait for Wednesday :D
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Cultist Joris

Ember Demon
Dec 30, 2012
He says 'dozens', not 'thousands', you probably misheard...
On another note, 'suck' is a pretty strong word so use it with care ;)
Anyway, I'm glad you like the game
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