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What would your imperial Arms be? (inspired by Akame ga Kill!)


Aug 18, 2013
here is a link to get feel for what I mean http://akamegakill.wikia.com/wiki/Teigu (click on the ones that already are within the anime to get a feel of what I mean)
Mine would be
My Imperial Arms

Blood Raigan

Appearence: the only hint of knowing someone has it, is the zodiac sign with a fire sign around it on the person – this is simliar to esdeath drinking the blood

1st ability is very weak – simply summons various weapons of moderate/weak power

2nd Ability – Beserkers Blood Rush – activated only when the user of Blood raigan has had a foe draw blood from them, in which the blood is used as an ultra shield (similar to gaaras sand in naruto) and weapon, it's power increases the more the person is attacked/is put inpain/has blood drawn

this secondary ability would be cooly be used where I would be walking towards the person in an angry state the air around me would become deadly as blood is put into cell size which is impossible to see with the naked eye and then unleash an attack of absolute fury upon the person
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