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What you liked/disliked in Dungeon Keeper (1/2)

Cultist Joris

Ember Demon
Dec 30, 2012
Doesn't ring a bell, I think I need to find a reminder on this.....I know almost every map but I can't remember one with 2 reapers...
Yes, the one with pre-built seperate chambers to put them in...and the must obey-spell! I remeber, it was right after my favorite level... :)


Blood Imp
Dec 15, 2012
I loved the soundtrack in DK2. Call Mark Knight for WFTO again. Fits Dungeon Keeper theme perfectly in my opinion! Was thrilling music, I listen to it on its own, it's really good.


Jan 13, 2013
The feeling of discovering a gem deposit when you're about to run out of gold was a big pro. :)

DK1 - The atmosphere was a big pro for me.

Overall the dungeon keeper sounds were overall a massive pro. As someone has already mentioned the music was also great, with its occasional mysterious vocal and distant echo of dripping water.

If I had to pick a con it would be that DK2 was a little too light hearted and as such it lost some of the "evil" I guess?


Blood Imp
Dec 15, 2012
Mark Knight himself showing up as I mention his name? Is this a prank? Can hardly believe it? Is there something we weren't told?

I still listen DK2's theme today and I just love it. How it builds up etc
That's actually how I found about the rest of Mark Knight's work and damn, I was pleased
Jan 10, 2012
Lol, the rock sequence built into the beginning intro was honestly without equal... the entire music score from the chanting in the beginning... the guitar rifts as the hero kicked his way in and went all Steven Segal on the imps.. even the bone and skull alarm sounding.. all of it rocking with emotion and hilarity... up until the softened ending.. as the hero was dispatched properly. Maybe this time focus on the destruction of the land, the heroes breaking in and going all wire-fu, then being captured and tortured and sent back out to help fry their city... and a cat.. yus, kill a cat!!!!
Mark Knight himself showing up as I mention his name? Is this a prank? Can hardly believe it? Is there something we weren't told?

I still listen DK2's theme today and I just love it. How it builds up etc
That's actually how I found about the rest of Mark Knight's work and damn, I was pleased
Ha, no prank. Been keeping an eye on this for a while, and wondered if Russell or my name would come up at some point ;)

Aotrs Commander

Jan 13, 2013
Well, let's see (as DK 1 ranks as one of my top three Best Games Ever, along with TIE Fighter and Planescape: Torment (and yes it's depressing that those are all ten-plus year old games...):

DK 1 Likes:
Pretty much everything. Particular favourites, then:

The mission intro and outros to DK 1.

The missions in DK Deeper Dungeons.

Dark Mistresses. Aesthetics irrevelvant, they were hard, easy to keep happy and they had teleport. Best monster in the game in my opinion (and they gave flies and beetles a reason to exist as you sacrficed them for more mistresses!)

Skeletons, Samurai, Fairies - anything with those electrical attacks!

Electrum Daius. (Combined with the scryign spell).

The lovely meaty "smack" of creatures of electrym daius made when they hit something.

Being able to take my time, wall off my dungeon, level my creatures to 10 and then go an deal with the enemy. (I preferred much more the missions dealing with invading a hero dungeon than those against other keepers.)

Creature AI that tended to route creatures that hated each other through each other's lairs or not make lairs in a room I dropped them in when there was space (skeletons especially, since I usually ended up with tons of those!) And they didn't seem always to use all of their powers.

On balance, the send-creature-to-next-level special, since it was far too easy to breeze through the main campaign missions with a Priestess or Horny or something. But I don't think the main campaign missions were as good DK 1 as in Deeper Dungeons, either (probably because there were less Keeper vrs Keeper in Deeper Dungeons. I want to fight the good guys, mostly, dammit!)

Horny. Far too annoying to keep happy. Not so much the concept as the execution.

Dragons: to slow and a bit boring, and way too long to train. the Demonspawn had much more character.

Gust of wind power. More problematic than helpful, frankly.

DK 2: Likes

The humorous comments that came up at random intervals.

Imps levellng from normal operations.

Chicken-shooting wotsits that shot the chickens into other rooms.

DK2: Dislikes

Not being able to train creatures to level 10. That was seriously my biggest beef, I think.

Too-easily destructible walls. I liked the everything-but-Destroy Walls-Proof walls of DK. I like being able to wall, in while I build my forces, thanks.

Timed missions. (DK 1 had those two, but mostly those side missions, and I don't think I ever bothered to complete any of them, aside from the imp-slapping-to-death ones.)

Skeletons not having lairs and being able to be healed. I like my DK1 skeletons, they had lightning and were awesome!

Casino/Disco Inferno. Not so much of a dislike, as a take-it-or-leave it, but I certainly wouldn't miss it if it left.

Stun on dropping the creatures. Blah.

Not as many cool powers for the monsters.

Automatically ending the level when the mission goals were completed.
In DK I there is everything that I like! Spaaaaaace, roooooms, fast battlesssss, rozpierrrdollll, a lot of fireballs, cuts and screams and gold, AHAHAHAA!!! - that's why it is my favorite game ever until now.... Ok, but yea, I don't like that bug where there is too much "things" on the map and some things You couldn't do for ex. mistress don't battle when they come to call to arms flag or lighting "missile" that is not hurting anyone and it's not visible because of the reason mentioned above, guts of wind... ehh. Some bugs could really change the game :)

Anyway, lot's of things - who played Ancient Keeper Campaign that knows! Many strategies you could do to win. Moon level, disability to play game until You will reach the (cut ;P) year, some secret voices, tricks, machine gun dragon's dire, psycho-mistress, funny bile demon (in DK II is boring), IMMORTAL CHICKEN trick. etfc. ;)

In DK II... I like underground climat, but that You couldn't do such many things like You can in DK I, very slow action, disability to play after destroying enemy's DH, disability to walk thorough the lava - I don't like. But besides of that there is some new things like letterbox movies, many options in skirmish that is good side of this game.

Anyway I don't know if there is a Keeper who could beat me in DK I or be more effective ;]
DK is an original game, still any games released until now can't be a real enemy for DK for me.
Jan 31, 2013
I never played part 1, so I can only talk about things in DK 2, which was one of the best game ever, but there was some frustrating things which should be made better in the next game.

- Less money capacity. I had to run through many levels without really enjoying them, just build up an army and had to attack very soon because I would get insolvent on next payday. The difficulty wasnt a problem, but I would like to spend more time in some Dungeons and discover other ways or simply enjoy my little evil world.

- Timebased missions were even more crap, just do the same like every mission, but much faster than you have to do because the gold capacity, even if you had an endless source. I think there are better ways than less gold oder time to prevent a player from getting to strong before starting the big fight.

- No possibility to repair walls. I can reinforce walls, can build rooms, traps, doors, but I cannot rebuild a simple wall? Building a dungeon without the capability to build walls is like making a pizza without the dough. There is missing something elementary.

- Sometimes I wish I could set something like a stop line for my Imps. Something like a door, but even for multiple fields. Could be solves by the ability to build walls by the way. There was many situation were it would be useful to stop gather ground or even release a field, e.g. if the next field in range to enemy guards, which let my Imps flee in panic. It was annoying to see that my Imps always make the same circuit from running to a specific point and running away from it because of something, even if there were many other jobs to do, like reinforce walls oder pick up senseless creatures.

- Calling an unbeatable Horny may be funny, but doing it multiple times in the game is nearly like watching a film, not playing a game, you know he cannot lose. Calling the big ultra killing master unit for defeating an immortal endboss is fine, but not multiple times in a normal mission.

- No coop mode. Maybe coop mode was nearly in no game from this time, but today its an essential reason for many people to buy or even being interested in a game.
Likes: Castigator


Blood Imp
Jan 25, 2013
Liked: The crap creatures. Loved armies of Beetles, Deamonspawn and Orcs, it felt really gribbly. Goblins were awesome in DK2, in Skirmishes I always turned all the other creatures off and had Goblin on Goblin action ;).

Disliked: The way once you get Dragons/Bile Deamons/Mistresses you didn't really need any of the 'lesser' creatures. The best creatures need to be much rarer imo. Hated the way creatures would fight amongst themselves, continuous pop ups about stuff fighting in the lair. Hated the wind gust power.
That's one pretty damn amazing little piece, I want that in the game! Personally I preferred the DK1 over the DK2 music if I'm brutally frank, but that little piece is very reminiscent of That's Construction Time and I really like that :) . Does anyone know if Sub Games have already contracted a composer?
I think most people would agree with you on the DK1/DK2 music, me included although I'm very proud of the DK2 soundtrack. I think they do already have someone on the team who is doing the music for this one.

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