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What you Underlord's want

Oct 25, 2015
Hi guys,

This thread is a dual purpose for me, firstly it's a shameless plug of my recent map The Betrayal, additionally I thought it'd be good to gauge the kind of maps that people like to play, which will be useful for me and hopefully for other people on here who enjoy making maps.

Firstly, my map. I've designed The Betrayal to be a 3 vs 1 map as I hadn't seen many of them in the Workshop and fancied playing such a map, so I made one. My map separates a single Underlord from another three with a bridge across a void. The single Underlord gets access to two Gold Shrines a Mana Shrine and three Underworld Gateways, the other Underlords get much less space, a single gateway each and have to squabble over a single Gold Shrine. Essentially you could argue that the Single Underlord has the advantage, hence why it might take three others to take him or her on.

I've tried to add some other features to make it interesting such as points from which the two sides can interact whilst not been able to get direct access to each other, clever trap or minion placement could certainly cause disruption (on playing it would become obvious what I mean). The central path is also highly defendable if you can claim it quick, I see it as being a battle of attrition.

I could go on but don't want to write an essay, if it sounds like your sort of thing please have a go and let me know what you think!

Secondly I wanted to know what kind of maps people like; one-player scenarios, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, FFA, etc. Do people like sloth, king of the hill, quick, slow, tower defense, attrition games, big, small, etc. You get the idea.

I personally like FFA where you have to defend a few strategic points and there is something of value to coax you out and take the risk of spreading out to harder to defend areas. I like single player scenarios where there are lots of Empire forces, lots of treasures and a tough challenge with a real risk of getting your ass handed to you.

But that's just me, I'd love to hear what other people look for in a map!


Dec 9, 2012
According to my own research there are several things that determines if a map is good.

And these are:

- Maps that can be played alone are favored. Multiplayer maps doesn't seem to be that popular, due to the fact that the multiplayer mode is a bit unstable.

- Skirmish maps where you can play vs. the AI.

- Singleplayer maps where you get to defeat heroes, and you can just play for hours and hours to your own liking.

- "Special maps" and maps that offers something unique compared to "normal" ones. For instance, interesting map layout, pre-built dungeon and in general, a combination of different things that makes the map interesting to play. I think King of the Hill and Tower Defence maps would be welcomed as well, but the map editor does not support this at the moment, sadly.. :(

- Dungeon Keeper remakes.. (Self explanatory :p)

- Maps with "empty" map spaces where the map maker don't fill every tile of the map with something. Less is more, apparently. :p

Things I personally like in a map include:

- An interesting story makes the map more interesting. It creates a purpose for completing the map.

- Maps that are challenging and forces you to think and not rush. I don't like the maps if I have to get all the creatures to level 10, but I do enjoy it I have to be careful of every step I take.

- Maps where you have to make use of what you find. Lack of creatures and room space makes things more interesting for me. The Beast Den, Prison and Torture Chamber alone makes things interesting for me. Lack of gold on the other hand...makes things VERY annoying.. :p

- And at last....I LOVE TREASURE HUNTS! :D

As of my personal play style, I love both rushing and turtling. I like FFA, 1v1, 2v2 and everything that includes heroes. I also love chokepoints where I can use traps as it is lovely to have this as a support when things get tough.
Aug 18, 2015
I just can tell for myselfe and what I heard.

What I mostly hear is, they like to have much space to build. But I would keep in mind, that open Spaced maps means, easy to rushed them.

I personally like balanced 3 Player Maps. Every balanced 3 Player Map I see, I like, favorit and Sub to it. Because they are very rare and hard to balance! You really need skills to create a good & balanced 3 Player Map.
What I also like is, when something things a bit outside the box.
For example
challanging and fun single or co-op Player Possession map (That's something I really looking for)
Or something like Arcane Prison, where you slowly get some progress, but it gets harder and harder. And sometimes you are at a puzzle, where you have to remind yourselfe, how to get this fucking unit or artefact.
I also like some sort of minigame maps, like Battle Royal (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=572939136&searchtext=)
Btw, I also liek Mira Themed maps, which followes the rules. But I haven't seen any in the Workshop yet (only Miras Fortess, until it gots into the offical Maps :3)

I usually don't sub to 2 Player Maps, because WFTO allready have so many good maps, IMO. (Thanks to Nutter, Marados, and the other MapCreators).
Personally, I do not like to have Emperial Dungeon in between Underlords, simply because, it's just time consuming. And the Underlord who got's most prisoners and know what to do with them, will win. IMO. Even if you say, it supports Sloth play, I have Embers and Vampires at this point, fuck your defences. I'm freaking boss!
And if my opponent also go for the Empire, then you attack him, when he finished attacking the empire dungeon, so you kill his damaged minions, and then go for him.
Sure there's skill involved, but for me it's more fun, if you have to fight face to face against your opponent.
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