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Which you prefer? Dungeon Keeper 1 or 2?


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Jan 13, 2013
I personally preferred Dungeon Keeper 1.

Call me crazy, but I did not like the idea of the reaper being one creature and being summoned for a period of time. I liked it better in Dungeon Keeper 1 when they were more psychotic and ridiculous to look after AND they lived in your dungeon, even though 95% of the time they hated it because they're too 'cool' for it.

I also preferred the creatures, many would disagree with 'Hell Hounds' but I liked them, at least for appearance, they were suicidal but they were fun! :p Dragons were also a blast to have around that i dearly missed in Keeper 2.

Also what I liked more about D1 was I much preferred the humans in that version, they were more fearsome. Like... I don't know how to explain it, but they felt more fantasy like I guess?

I will give DK2 something though, I did love the "My Pet Dungeon" feature, that's what makes me swap between the two.


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Nov 7, 2012
I'm with you Kelphyko, I prefer DK1 over DK2. The atmosphere and darker tone with subtle bits of dark humor was part of what really made the game for me.


Ember Demon
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Jan 10, 2012
I preferred DK2 myself, but not strongly. Mainly it's just that in the campaign levels of DK1 it seems to me that in many cases you have to make the exact right moves very quickly to win, which presupposes knowledge of the map. It may also have to do with the fact that last time I tried to get DK1 to work it just wasn't possible to get it to run correctly, so it's harder to make a comparison.


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Jan 3, 2013
I really preferred DK2 to DK1 however horny was just about pointless imo. I never really even used him, however when I try and figure out why I liked DK2 more I just keep thinking about playing with my best friend in the same room with it in multiplayer. I know it wasnt balanced it was just fun as hell and it was the only DK title my friend had which means I played it alot more than DK1. If I look back and ignore that aspect I loved them both equally I just happened to play one more so it became more nostalgic to me is all.


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Jan 3, 2013
building my dungeon
DK1 obviously, the reason is simple.
in DK2 it's sluggish and i really don't like the part where i need 2 rooms to train creatures and even then they need to train in battle to get them on max power, in DK1 it's good and fast while training your creatures is getting more and more fun.
and DK1 has samurai's, how can anything beat that.
Jan 17, 2013
DK1 by far, the flexibility of the game when compared with DK2 vastly outweighs things in my eyes. Was quite dissapointed with how DK2 turned out as well, so much so that I never finished it, got bored and uninstalled. DK1 still shines as one of my all time favourite games to this day.


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Jan 13, 2013
I agree with Notorious...DK1 all the way - Darker tone, atmosphere, the look of the creatures, the humor, the sounds. I used to possess an imp just to look around at the Lair and go wandering through the dark caves and the dungeon. So far WFTO visually looks like in between DK1 and DK2 (in terms of the darkness, obviously the graphics are better!)
Jan 3, 2013
DK1, if it was stable. Same goes for Keeper FX.

DK2, if you could set rooms and traps to research. This would make game more like DK1, I'm sure even AI in DK2 would play much better if this was doable through options.

Right now, can't even pick one properly. :(

Aotrs Commander

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Jan 13, 2013
DK 1 overall, though DK 2 had some good elements (imps levelling via normal tasks, those hilarious comments that would come up abruptly for no reason...) I DK's Deeper Dungeons were the best missions overall - DK's main campaign just nevered seemed quite as good (possibly because you could whiz through about half of it with a send-creature-on when you got a level 10 priestess (which I frequently used, because flight and Horny was to much of a pain to keep around - I almost always ditched them fairly quickly)). I never completed DK2's main campaign at all, though I fracked about in the pet dungeon a fair bit. DK 1's main campaign intros and outros were the best, I think, there though.

I think my biggest beef with DK2 was not being able to train my creatures to level 10; the training pit was bad enough, but not being able to get to level 10 was just annoying: and I dislike timer missions at the best of times (though I think only DK 2 had them in the main campaign) as I like to spend my time.

DK 1 I think has the best monster-setup mechanically (more powers, and better - I still swear by Dark Mistress in DK as being the best monster, on account of stats, powers, ease of keeping and above all teleport.)

If you took the best elements of both games - which is sort of where I'm hoping WftO is going - it would be brilliant.
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Jan 14, 2013
To me DK1 exceeds DK2 in almost every way. Darker and overall better (more fitting) atmosphere. Cooler creature and hero design, overall more demonic and evil. Faster paced combat. Nice creature interactions.
What I liked about DK2 was the mana, thought it was a great addition to the game.. Thats about it I guess. I really disliked what they did with Horny, he was such an awesome creature in DK1, you really needed to figure out how to maintain them, and it was actually quite simple. Their lair was also very cool.


WFTO Founder
Dec 10, 2011
New York
I'm definitely sensing a trend. I don't remember if I've posted my list in a while, but I'm sure it mimics most of the lists here.

  • DK1: Smooth fluidity of the game - There was no lag, no slowness, nothing moving like molasses. No confusion. Creatures had a bubble above their heads that told you what they wanted, and you saw them going for it, as well as the routes they were taking. It worked. Nicely.
  • DK2: Interactivity. You could slap that creature slot machine in My Pet Dungeon, you could manipulate the casino winning slider, you could slap picropiglets, lock the prison gate, and so on. DK1 didn't have nearly enough of that.
  • DK1: Everything was fast. Creatures attack fast, had more skills, could fire them more quickly, (FAR more quickly. O_O ) and you could build and sell quickly.
  • DK2: You could build and dig in rectangular ways. It was locked in rectangular dragging, sure, but that was actually okay. Wish there was a toggle, or a toggle-button to hold so it would work rectangularly.
  • The concept of mana was interesting, though possibly unnecessary. I didn't mind it too much.
  • Horny was interesting in both games. He was a crazy powerful creature in DK1, and an unstoppable puzzle-unlock in DK2. More of a novelty in DK2, but a functional one.
  • DK2: The Stone bridge was a nice addition. I really didn't mind that the Wooden bridge disappeared over lava. It was actually a tactical advantage to link two areas over lava when you wanted the bridge to disappear, without the additional expense of constructing a stone bridge. If you were lucky, it would disintegrate while an enemy was attempting to claim or cross it. :p

  • DK1: The Scavenger Room felt like a gimmick that actually did more harm than good. Anyone with me on this? ...
  • DK2: I know it's not worth mentioning a counterpoint to one of the "Good" points above, but seriously, DK2 creatures are just too darn slow. Why should something that was rapid-fire in DK1's possession mode have a timer in DK2? Same with monster attacks. Way too slow.
  • DK2: It lacked arbitrary hero variety. Remember the Samurai? DK2 doesn't.
  • DK2: Remember how DK1's editor had all those neat placeables? DK2 doesn't.
Jan 22, 2013
Lo there, first time poster but I have played the DK games since they first came out.

Anyway, I always prefered DK1 to DK2, but both games have their strengths and weaknesses.

DK 1:
- Loved the Horned Reaper as a unit, you only needed to ditch it in the temple and bring it out for fights.
- Dragons are my favorite unit, these guys are good at pretty much any task.
- DK 1 had a darker atmosphere to it, it somewhat reminded me of the movie Legend.
- We got to slaughter the Ultima VIII Avatar, up yours Lord British!
- The narrator explaining the levels cracks me up to this day.

DK 2:
- Great trap system
- Mana was a interesting take, I personally prefer it to gold, but it shouldn't be linked to the tiles in your dungeon. I'd rather see special rooms and sites for this.
- I loved that some missions had objectives in them that influenced your next level.
- The Casino was great, especially the "burn baby burn" tune that played whenever a creature got the jackpot.
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Jan 24, 2013
Parts Unknown
In fact, it could be cool if Treasure Room could attract Dragon minion to your dungeon, under your own command. :)

Basically when you have rich, healthy gold filled economy. They would like to reside in those places.
Jan 17, 2013
I preferred DK1. Though DK2 was mechanistically speaking superior IMO (it played better), the darker atmosphere, cooler creatures, superior humour, and better ability to construct the dungeon you actually wanted (the maps were bigger and more accomodating) really made the game for me. I mean, DK2 WISHED it had cool stuff like pet Reapers, Dragons, super-powerful spiders, and the creatures just all looked much better. The DK2 Mistriss for example just looked and sounded like a cheap prostitute. The DK1 one looked and sounded like a frenzied homicidal maniac that was worthy of a place in your dungeon. The dungeon rooms and corridors also looked much better, a lack of contrast and lighting really brought out the rooms in DK1.

The fact DK1 can be preferred over DK2 even though the latter worked better as a game just goes to show just how important the looks and atmosphere and awesomeness of the features are in these games.


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Jan 18, 2013
Im in the minority that i think that DK2 was the better game, i enjoyed the mechanics a lot more. I liked the fact your creatures could only level up so far without combat.

However I agree that DK1 atmosphere was better, i also loved dragons. The way the campaign map got all corrupted was a lovely touch too.


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Jan 25, 2013
DK2, I preferred the creatures and the campaign. Hated Horny in DK1, much preferred DK2's more sedate pace with slower leveling a slower build up to one big climactic battle. DK1 had far too many missions won within the first 15 minutes. I like a map that lasts an hour or seven.
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