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Which you prefer? Dungeon Keeper 1 or 2?


WFTO Backer
Feb 17, 2013
I'm going to have to say DK2, only because I can't even remember what DK1 was like, although I do remember playing it when it was out all shiny and new. I'm still quite pleased that I can run DK2 on my laptop which is Windows 8 without problem (no crashing) as long as I set it to windows XP sp3 compatibility mode and run as administrator it's been rock solid thus far.

In fact, I'm gonna go play it now again.
Definitely Dungeon Keeper 1 !
It has massive things that You could do:
- moving objects with for example Dragon's Grenade,
- blow a creature through the "open corner" by Wind spell (but same spell was the most terrible thing in this part)
- there was very much secrets like throwing money to a temple give You unexpected lector voice
- moon level (!), the level that will reveal on full moon, genius!
- dynamic action - fast gameplay - in comparison to amazingly slow DK II it is heaven
- climat... magma fireballs makes this game very very climatic, water drops
- many tactics You could make thanks to Guard Post or Temple that could block the water
- scavenger room was a nice thing to gather creatures that were in creature pool and still some from the enemy, I think this room with a temle was for professional Keeper ;)
- that is good to have one big master like Horny on DK II, but for me was fully useless, Horny was my favorite killing machine in DK I, and if You met him well You could always make him happy and ready for any kind of battle. Horned Reapers + Mistress - the best army You could have! In DK II I don't like angles and dark knights, were too "human" and boring
- there is a lot of bugs in DK I, but You could use well any of them
- Bile Demon in DK I is really grave, in DK II, even nit funny, boring and small...
In summary: dynamic, underground climate, many surprising actions, You feel that You are in danger and a fresh blood of enemy.

You really have to play Ancient Keeper, I encourage You!
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Jan 19, 2013
Definitely DK1. It's darker, plays better and has better creatures. And I loved keeping Horny in my dungeon. Oh and don't forget the map! I loved watching the land go darker and darker and I enjoyed the funny comments before entering a new level.

DK2 wasn't bad either, especially the traps, but since there were no dragons in it I kind of quickly lost interest in it... even though the dragons of DK1 were waaay overpowered. They probably removed them because of that...
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WFTO Founder
Jan 30, 2013
each game have it's Pros and cons

DK1 :
+Large variety of creatures
+Trap Crafting
+inner conflicts (Vile demon fights with skeletons \ Warlocks gets angry when someone enter the libary)
+Higher level = Bigger size
+ possession spell had no restrictions
+battle management system
+ unique animation for each creature eating and turture chamber

-Way too fast (you cannot follow horny when he is pissed)
-announcer was so hyped.

DK2 :
+Slower passe game-play (maybe way too slow)
+Mana system for spells
+Clear roles for each creature
+better interface and building tools

-Not enough enemies
-champane is way too easy
-Limited Possession spell With game braking glitch
-slow ai
Feb 24, 2013
United Kingdom
DK1 was better, but I thought DK2 was still good.
Even though it was a tad annoying at times, I did like the conflict between your own units.
I also liked how your demon spawn became dragons at level 10.
I preferred the mana system in DK2 and the stone bridges though.


WFTO Backer
Feb 27, 2013
Defenitly DK1, while dk2 is also great. The funny thing is: after thinking about what exactly i prefered the most, it were the imps. in DK1 they were fast, it looks like they are non-stop working. in DK2 i feel like they are always making a small pause. And ofcourse: The genius slap sound in DK1 with blood splats was way funnier to do than the one in DK2 :D
Jan 3, 2013
I started out with DK2 but I like DK1 better. However, I would like to say that I liked possession mode more in DK2.
So was I, the moment I realized DK1 is more challenging than DK2. Possession mode in DK2 is more polished, while in DK1 it's rather hard to move and attack since you can't be sure target is within your range.
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May 30, 2013
DK 1 is better, but DK 2 had some way better mechanics like mana, digging (i building in DK 1 is so akward) and liked that you could backtrack in campaign screen. Battle music is over the top too!

DK 1 had better graphic (early 3d is hideous), monsters are way better suited for evil things (dark ranger and rogue were just unnecessary humanoids imo and should been skipped totally. Dark Mistress is part of gameworld but in dk 2 it was just latex suit babe. She was some strange dark thing in dk 1 :D), overall darker theme and videos

harder and way more epic campaign (i love last map):

I was kid when dk and other dark themed came (like Hexen, Abuse, Doom, Ultima Underworld, Lands of Lore). These were games in their first priority and not "interactive movies" like other darker themed games today. I wonder how is it so hard to make games to mature audience without making them horror spoofs with screamer effects, too dark enviroment and other gameplay harming ways. No bull**** good gameplay ==> old design seems superior to todays which is sad imo :(, but there is game coming which gonna take heed from its elder :D.


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
I thought the battle music made the game what it was. The sound track of dk1 was phenomenal!
Blackmasked Monster, especially, appealed to me. Thank god for GoG, who included the soundtrack. KeeperFX has no music (I can't get it to work) and the GoG version of DKI is blurred to the point of the cursor on the main menu looking like an obese ladybug.
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