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Why always props on odd sized rooms

Jun 6, 2014
So one thing has always bugged me. Why exactly is it that to get props to spawn you need an odd number of tiles? You get a 3x3 room and a prop spawns in the middle square then every 2 more tiles in each direction would add another prop.

Where's the 4x4 or other even sized rooms with a prop spawning that takes up the middle? Is there a specific reason for this aside from it's what we've always done?

Now I know different rooms having different size requirements messes with your pretty perfect optimal layout, but it does force adaptability and compromise, and that's always nice.
As a general rule we value consistency across all of our designs --
if you build a 3x3 room you should always be rewarded with a single prop, building a 5x5 room is, by default, the most "efficient" use of space because you get 3 extra props for a smaller investment.

Any player should quickly be able to learn (and expect) that a 3x3 room is useful. If we removed this standard we run the risk of having players build a room and expecting it to be useful -- if for some reason [x] room doesn't become useful when built 3x3 there is no easy way to give feedback as to *why* the room isn't working as they expect.

While prop ghosts (seen during the "planning" stage of building a room) can help alleviate this - they are not perfect and give no clear feedback.

There are a few outliers, such as the Tavern, the Prison to some degree, and a room that has yet to be implemented -- however they are few enough that the rules can be easily taught and internalized as each has a very unique purpose and use in the game, whereas the rooms where units work are 100% standardized.

I hope this makes sense and gives you some insight into the reason we made this decision.


edit: fixed a few sentences to make more sense, probably.
Jun 6, 2014
I guess that makes sense, thanks for the response.

I'm confused as to how the Tavern is an outlier, it's props all spawn on the same grid, or are you talking about how it has a single, special prop? I also could have swore there was a devpost somewhere that said all rooms are implimented already, but new stuff's cool.

On a side note, one thing that I noticed different from dungeon keeper games is a decrease on rooms that HAVE to be 5x5 to be functional, stuff like the temple that didn't span the useful prop until 5x5 or the prison which wasn't much use with only a single square in the middle for holding. I am definitely glad to see most if not all of the rooms are usable at the basic 3x3 even if 5x5 is the optimal size.
The Tavern requires 3x5 to work (table as prop 1, Pig Spitter prop 2). Without the Pig Spitter it doesn't function as a room.

I'm glad you like that most rooms work 3x3, a lot of maps (multiplayer and single player) will require a very conscious use of what space you are given / able to control, meaning that making a 5x5 room vs a 3x3 room will be more interesting / allow greater tactical variance as players become more experienced.

Thanks for the feedback!! <3


Brightrock Games
Nov 18, 2011
Yes the oven cannon spawns as fist prop but still the room is only of use, if you have at least one oven cannon and one table which appears at a minimum room size of 3x5.
However one oven cannon can provide food for all tables in a 7x7 tavern room (containing 8 tables), once you build a room 2 tiles larger in any direction you get more cannons. However shooting food costs time and when your tavern is used by many minions at a time, then it can make sense to use even a 9x9 room with 4 oven cannons.
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